A CRM that lets you track and sell more.

Our online CRM software gives you a unified approach to get your
teams on one application to manage sales and customers efficiently.

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CRM Software for VARs

Stay effortlessly organised with
VARStreet's Free CRM module

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A quick and easy lead capture process with the ability to input the lead status to nurture the right leads.


Convert leads into opportunities as it moves through your sales process. Manage the entire opportunity lifecycle with the right status and probability.


Add and manage tasks. Automate processes for your sales team to always be a step ahead of their tasks.


Ability to input notes against every lead, opportunity, prospect, or customer to ensure every thing is recorded.


Get detailed insights about your VARs business, track your KPIs and use real-time analytics.


Manage all your customers/contacts from one single location.

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VARStreet quoting and CRM

Tight integration between the CRM and eCommerce application ensures
you track and manage your online store efficiently.

Quotes and opportunities

Quotes created in VARStreet automatically create opportunities in the CRM for sales team to work on them.

Quotes against opportunity

You can also create quotes against an existing opportunity.

Link multiple quotes

Link multiple quotes to single opportunity.

Custom fields

Add custom fields to the opportunity
capture form.

Auto conversion of quotes to orders

Once an opportunity is won, it automatically converts the quote to a sales order..

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Equip your VARs business for modern-age selling..

An optimized eCommerce CRM software

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Track and manage all your eCommerce activities with VARStreet's FREE CRM

An optimized eCommerce CRM software

Track and manage all your eCommerce activities with VARStreet's FREE CRM

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Seamless integration with eCommerce

A free CRM solution which integrates with all our eCommerce stores.

Carts and opportunities

Shopping carts get converted into web opportunities.

Abandoned cart handling

Comprehensive reports let you handle abandoned carts effectively.

Store analytics

Store analytics let you track a customers journey on your store.


New registrations on store automatically gets added to leads/opportunities.

A one-stop solution to manage
all your business processes.

Unparalleled support and
exceptional service

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using VARStreet’s CRM?

VARStreet comes with built in modules like quoting, eCommerce, procurement and CRM. It makes sense to use VARStreet CRM as it flows naturally along with VARStreet quoting and eCommerce. Also there is no additional cost for using the CRM. VARStreet quotes automatically create opportunities in the CRM thereby allowing greater control to the sales team. Also when an opportunity is closed won or lost, it updates the quotes automatically

How can the CRM help me make more sales?

VARStreet CRM helps you keep track of all the quotes that went out of your company. Your sales people can work on opportunities, add notes, activities, create To Do’s run follow ups, etc. This provides them tremendous control over the entire process. They will be able to get better insights into the quotations and orders. Also shopping carts that were abandoned can be followed up better because of increased analytics in the CRM. A complete overview helps them do their job better which in turns helps in increase in sales.

Does the CRM integrate with sales quoting and eCommerce?

Yes, VARStreet CRM is an extension of our quoting and eCommerce modules. All the quotations create Opportunities in the CRM for salespeople. Similarly, all the abandoned carts are also available in the CRM for follow ups and further actions.

What kind of CRM reports are available?

There are various precanned CRM reports already available. However, if you need any specific report that is not available it can be easily added from the back end.

Is my data safe in VS CRM?

Yes, your data is absolutely safe. We are hosted at a world class cloud data center and have all the checks in place to ensure safety of your information.

Are there any additional charges for the CRM module?

No. The CRM module is free with VARStreet. You will have to just pay for any additional users you add.

I don't want to use VARStreet CRM? Can I integrate with my existing CRM that I have been using for a long time now?

Yes, though we highly recommend you try to use VARStreet CRM but we do understand that you have been using a particular CRM for a long time and may not be comfortable switching. We integrate with all known CRM systems like SalesForce, Zoho, Hubspot, Microsoft dynamics etc. We can also integrate with any other CRM if not integrated already.

How do I add my existing data into the CRM?

Adding information in the CRM is extremely easy, you can either load them one by one, or do a bulk upload. Please work with our support and they can help you add information quickly.

Can I create tasks and meetings in VARStreet CRM?

Yes, you can create activities, meetings, create To Do’s, also add notes against activities, create auto follow ups, etc. easily.

I am a very small company, do i still need to use your CRM?

Research has proved that a good CRM helps to improve sales team productivity immensely. It makes a lot of sense to use it even if you are small. It can be configured for your current needs which will ensure that you do not waste too much time entering information. You can also always scale as you grow.