Manage your sales and customers effectively

An optimized CRM software for VARs that helps improve business processes for your sales team.

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Do more with our CRM

Spend more time selling

Our cloud-based CRM system integrates with our quoting and ecommerce software for seamless VAR business processes.

Increase conversions

Manage leads, engage with customers and sell smart.

Get clear visibility of your sales pipeline.

Make accurate sales forecasts with our clean and informative dashboard.

Sell better!

Our online CRM software gives you a unified approach to get your teams on one application to manage sales and customers efficiently.

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A smooth sales pipeline

Manage leads and opportunities effectively

Manage leads

Our cloud-based CRM system is designed to ensure a quick and easy lead capture process. Create a quick quote against a lead with only an email address.

Manage opportunities

Easily create a new opportunity or edit an existing one. Convert a lead into an opportunity. Create a quote for an opportunity, and link multiple quotes to an opportunity.

Flexible and customizable

Unlimited user-defined fields to customize the process according to your business. Add your own custom fields to the opportunity capture form. We are the best CRM solution for VARs!


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VARs till date


VAR users till date


PunchOuts completed

Stay effortlessly organised with VARStreet

Contact management

Add and manage customers and contacts easily. Bulk upload multiple customers or contacts. A closed sale automatically creates a new record.

Activities and tasks

Your salespeople will always be on top of their activities, be it a call, email, meeting, demo or a follow-up for a lead or an opportunity.


An easy-to-use and easily retrievable notes feature that is vital for providing nuanced information regarding leads and opportunities.


Built-in reporting features to keep track of your sales cycle. Detailed reports based on leads, opportunities, and sales can be generated seamlessly from within the CRM platform.


A single screen view of your sales pipeline. See your recent activities, recent opportunities, sales pipeline by date, opportunity against sales details etc.


Our CRM integrates with all our ecommerce stores. Manage your customers and their pricing structures effortlessly. Track leads, generate reports, run campaigns and a lot more.