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Online eCommerce Store Builder

Create Online Store with VARStreet

Check eCommerce Templates

An online store builder with responsive and trendy templates and
integrations to get you started with your eCommerce journey.

Create Online Store with VARStreet

Check eCommerce Templates

An online store builder with responsive and trendy templates and
integrations to get you started with your eCommerce journey.

Beautiful templates

Highly customizable templates to create your online store.

Responsive design

All our stores are optimized for all sizes of mobile devices.

Design builder

Back end store builder so simple that anyone can design an eCommerce store.

Rich functionalities

Switch on or off a host of functionalities based on need.

Payment gateways

Integrations with all popular payment gateways.

Tax and freight integration

Auto calculation of tax and freight charges.

Build an online store with VARStreet

An eCommerce store built to help
you sell more.

All our stores come with built-in utilities and Multi-channel marketing
functionalities that helps you sell more on your eCommerce store.

SEO and ads
SEO and ads

Drive traffic to your store
with our built-in SEO and
Ad management features.

Sell everywhere
Sell everywhere

Export your product catalog
to Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping,
etc and increase your sales channels.

Upsell and cross-sell
Upsell and cross-sell

Increase attach rate by
showing relevant product

Discounts and coupons
Discounts and coupons

Create and offer
coupon and discounts
on your eCommerce store.


Create bundles at
the back end for your customers
to purchase online.


A utility that allows customers
to build their own desktops, laptops, server configurations, etc.

Ink and toner finder
Ink and toner finder

Built-in ink and toner
finder utility for customers
to buy printer supplies.

Reviews and ratings
Reviews and ratings

Your customers can
review and rate
products on your store.


Generate reports to understand
your audience, traffic and customers to make informed marketing decisions.


Take your VARs business online with VARStreet.

The only eCommerce store in
the world truly designed for VARS

Complexity of a B2B store built with the simplicity of a B2C experience

Role-based access for landing
pages and online store

Provide personalized experience to your customers with customized landing pages based on user login.

Price and catalog based on
login information

Your B2B customers will see product prices and catalog tailored for them based on their login details.

Multiple stores to the same

Set up and manage multiple store-fronts from the same back-end.

Approval workflow, budgets and
buying limits

Organizations can create strict spend control rules by setting buying limits, approval workflows, budgets, etc. for their purchasing department.

Multiple currencies and

We support multiple currencies and geographies. Tax, freight, conversions, etc. are auto-calculated.

Public and private storefronts
as per requirement

Configure a public facing store or a private store for your select customers with just a click.

RFQ on eCommerce store
as per requirement

Your customers can also select items they want and 'Request for Quote' on your online store.


All our stores are PunchOut-ready, with an experience of over 250+ PunchOuts completed.


Built in RMA functionality to handle returns automatically through your distribution.

Over 7 million products from our 50+
distributor connections,
aggregated and updated daily.

Our complex search engine lets you easily find the product you're looking for from
millions of products.

Aggregated catalog

If you use any of the 45 as suppliers, your catalog is auto-imported to your online store.

Custom catalog

Add your products or services through individually or bulk-upload.

Rich content

Get free prebuilt rich content from Etilize, IceCat, and many other sources like distributors and content for HP products through our partnership with the HP Content Syndication Program.

PIM integration

Integrate with any Product Information Management (PIM) application. Truly headless.

Advanced Search

A search algorithm that helps find even the most complex product easily. Drill down based on product attributes with our parametric search.

Grow your VARs online business

A one-stop solution to manage
all your business processes.

Unparalleled support and
exceptional service

  • Implementation

    Take the first step - we will guide you through it all.

  • Constant support
    Constant support

    Our experienced support team is always available! We
    help you from your first online sale and beyond.

  • Professional services
    Professional services

    A range of professional services to help you with customized
    solutions for your business.

support and service

Frequently Asked Questions

What is VARStreet’s eCommerce store?

VARStreet is an end-to-end business management application that includes quoting, CRM, procurement, distribution integration and also a B2B and B2C eCommerce platform. VARStreet’s eCommerce store comes as a default with all VARStreet subscriptions however for users who want to use VARStreet only for quoting, this can be disabled.

Do I need to be a designer or developer to use VARStreet’s eCommerce platform?

No, you do not. VARStreet’s B2B eCommerce platform is very intuitive and easy to use. You do not require any technical expertise to set up your online store on VARStreet.

VARStreet comes with a robust page builder at the back end which comprises pre-designed templates and widgets. Anyone can build the store easily using that. Also, VARStreet offers special services where our team can customize or guide you through the store set up and design based on your requirements.

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes, you can use your domain name or subdomain on VARStreet stores. This can also be linked to your corporate website.

What do I need to start selling on VARStreet’s eCommerce platform?

VARStreet currently integrates with 50+ Distributors in the US and Canada. Once you subscribe with VARStreet our customer support team will work with you to set up your VARStreet account. This will include configuring your distributor set up, price, freight, and tax, etc.

We will also work with you to set up your eCommerce store. Your distributor catalogs will auto-populate along with structured rich content and taxonomy.

You can design your store with our intuitive online eCommerce store builder with pre-designed templates and easily customize your store with your branding.

Fill in this quick form for a FREE demo of the eCommerce platform. We will call you and schedule a complete guided walk-through and explain all the finer details.

I do not have an account with any of the distributors that you mentioned, can I still use VARStreet?

Yes, we do have a functionality called custom catalog where you can load your own products along with pricing and suppliers (if available). This is very similar to using any other eCommerce or ERP platform where you can load your own catalog. Once you have uploaded the catalog, you can use VARStreet for quoting, CRM, procurement and eCommerce.

What happens when I receive an online order?

You will be notified of the order placed on your store and then you can create a purchase order for your supplier of choice in the VARStreet back office either manually (email) or electronically (XML). Depending on your needs you can also create rules for automatic order placement with distributors where as soon as a customer places an order on your store it creates back-to-back PO with your distributor for fulfilment. This is extremely helpful in B2B orders where you work with only known customers.

We also pull information like serial #, tracking # etc. from the distributors when the order is placed which are also notified to your end customers.

I sell only to businesses? What B2B specific features you have in VARStreet eCommerce?

VARStreet has been designed keeping in mind the needs of both B2B and B2C Resellers. In VARStreet you can configure catalog, pricing, payment method, shipment method etc. by logins.

You can also configure the store home page by login. This way you can control what is available to your B2B customers upon logging in.

You also have the option to make the store completely private where only registered users will be able to access the store. You can also set up payment methods like an invoice, company cheque, etc. for your B2B customers.

All our stores are also PunchOut enabled for your large customers who require the same.

Can I create multiple storefronts for my large customers?

Yes, each VARStreet back office can be used to create multiple stores with different URL’s. You can use that for different customers if needed or you can create one store for B2C customers and another for B2B customers. Each store will be completely independent which gives you tremendous ability to customize and configure it as per your need.

I sell to the government. How can VARStreet eCommerce help me?

A lot of government contracts now have eCommerce or online catalog as a requirement in the RFQ. VARStreet eCommerce comes with a host of functionalities to support government procurement. Stores can be login enabled where they are locked only for .gov registrations, you can set up your contract catalog by different contracts. We can also enable only government-approved payment methods on the store. For contracts that require a PunchOut catalog, we can set up the same as well.

How can I collect payment on my store?

We integrate with all known payment gateways, and you can enable any one of them to accept credit card payments on your store. You can also enable payments through cheque or ACH for B2B customers you want to invoice.

Payment methods are configurable by logins and hence you can set up different payment methods for different customers. Customers will only see those payment methods on the store which you have enabled for them from the Back Office.

Can I sell to my enterprise customers on VARStreet?

Yes. VARStreet’s eCommerce stores support all enterprise functionalities like catalog and price based on log-ins, approval workflows, PunchOut, quoting for contracts and a lot more.

You can check out all the functionalities and features for enterprise selling here.

VARStreet store payments PCI compliant?

Yes, all our stores are PCI compliant. We have integrations with all popular payment gateways and you can accept all major credit cards like Amex, Visa, MasterCard, Diners, Discover, etc. on your PCI compliant VARStreet eCommerce stores.

How secure is VARStreet?

We take security very seriously and conduct periodical risk-assessments and security audits to ensure that credit card and other sensitive data is secure.

You can learn more about our infrastructure and security here

Are VARStreet stores SEO friendly?

Yes. Our stores come with a host of optimization features and we also offer SEO as a professional service for customers who do not have the SEO expertise

How quickly can I set up a store on VARStreet?

From when you sign-on with us, onboarding and implementation can be completed within a few days to a few weeks depending on your availability and needs.

Can I integrate VARStreet with my other business tools?

We understand that businesses have a set eco-system and applications for the smooth functioning of business operations.

VARStreet’s eCommerce software solution integrates with a host of ERP, CRM, PSA and accounting applications like QuickBooks, ConnectWise, Zoho, HubSpot, NetSuite, AutoTask, Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and many more.

We also integrate with DocuSign, shipping and freight companies like UPS and tax integrations with Avalara.

VARStreet has PunchOut integrations with all popular eProcurement applications like Oracle, SAP, Coupa, PeopleSoft, Ariba, Jaggaer, Workday and more.

Are VARStreet websites mobile friendly?

Yes. All our stores are responsive and mobile-friendly across devices of all sizes.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a form of eCommerce that has rapidly gained tremendous traction in the last decade. In a dropshipping business, a seller partners with suppliers to become a reseller for their products.

The seller does not buy any inventory from the distributor but sets up an eCommerce store with products from the distributor catalog. Once an order is received it is sent to the distributor who fulfils the order on the seller’s behalf.

From the customers perspective, the seller is the only entity liable for the quality, delivery, and customer service. Hence it is very important for sellers to partner with reliable and legit distributors.

How can I dropship with VARStreet?

VARStreet has connections with 50+ IT and office supply distributors with catalog integrations and real-time price and inventory information. Sourcing and procurement are also very easy within VARStreet as you get all relevant information from multiple distributors you partner with on a single-screen.

After you sign-on with us and sync your distributor partnerships with VARStreet’s eCommerce store, set up your online store with our easy-to-use online store builder and start getting orders, the orders can be set up to automatically be forwarded as a PO to a distributor of choice depending on rules and margins set by you, or you can also manually do so.

The distributor will then dropship the order to your customer.

Click here if you want more information on getting started with VARStreet.

How does VARStreet’s eCommerce store compare to other similar platforms in the market?

There are many eCommerce software solutions available today, but VARStreet’s strength, when compared to others, lies in its integrated distributor catalog from 50+ IT and office supply distributors, at no additional cost, and the ease of scalability.

You also get rich content like images, tech specs, descriptions etc. free for the catalog that comes from distribution. If you compare, the charges for only the rich content in the market, are more than the VARStreet subscription charges.

VARStreet’s professional eCommerce software has a flat subscription-model which is great for IT and office supply resellers as the catalogs in the IT and office supply industry can easily span over a million products.

With VARStreet, you pay a standard subscription, whether you sell a hundred products or a million. We do not deduct any transactional fees nor a percentage of your sales.

And we are so much more than just eCommerce! We not only support B2B eCommerce but our software suite comprises a FREE CRM and a sales quotation tool with tight integrations between all our software applications and many third-party applications as well.

You can effortlessly manage your entire business with VARStreet!

Why is VARStreet for me?

If you are an IT and office supply value-added reseller (VARs) in the United States or Canada, you need not look beyond VARStreet.

We have everything you need to not only successfully manage your VARs business but also to grow exponentially.

Get in touch with us today and we can schedule a free demo of our platform.