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VAR eCommerce Software

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Check eCommerce Templates

An online store builder with responsive and trendy templates and
integrations to get you started with your eCommerce journey.

Beautiful templates

Highly customizable templates to create your online store.

Responsive design

All our stores are optimized for all different screen sizes of mobile devices.

Design builder

Backend store builder is so simple that anyone can design an eCommerce store.

Rich functionalities

Switch on or off a host of functionalities based on need.

Payment gateways

Integrations with all popular payment gateways.

Tax and freight integration

Auto calculation of tax and freight charges.

VAR eCommerce Software 2

An eCommerce store built to help you sell more.

All our stores comes with built-in utilities and multichannel marketing
functionalities that helps you sell more on your eCommerce store.

VAR eCommerce Software 3
SEO and ads

Drive traffic to your store
with our built-in SEO and
Ad management features.

VAR eCommerce Software 4
Sell everywhere

Export your product catalog
to Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping,
etc and increase your sales channels.

VAR eCommerce Software 5
Upsell and cross-sell

Increase attach rate by
showing relevant product

VAR eCommerce Software 6
Discounts and coupons

Create and offer
coupon and discounts
on your eCommerce store.

VAR eCommerce Software 7

Create bundles at
the backend for your customers
to purchase online.

VAR eCommerce Software 8

A utility that allows customers
to build their own desktops, laptops, server configurations, etc.

VAR eCommerce Software 9
Ink and toner finder

Built-in ink and toner
finder utility for customers
to buy printer supplies.

VAR eCommerce Software 10
Reviews and ratings

Your customers can
review and rate
products on your store.

VAR eCommerce Software 11

Generate reports to understand
your audience, traffic and customers to make informed marketing decisions.

VAR eCommerce Software 12

Take your VAR business online with VARStreet.

The only eCommerce store in
the world truly designed for VARS

Complexity of a B2B store built with the simplicity of a B2C experience

Role based access for landing
pages and online store

Provide personalized experience to your customers with customized landing pages based on user login.

Price and catalog based on
login information

Your B2B customers will see product prices and catalog tailored for them based on their login details.

Multiple stores to the same

Set up and manage multiple storefronts from the same back-end.

Approval workflow, budgets and
buying limits

Organizations can create strict spend control rules by setting buying limits, approval workflows, budgets etc. for their purchasing department.

Multiple currencies and

We support multiple currencies and geographies. Tax, freight, conversions, etc. are auto-calculated.

Public and private storefronts
as per requirement

Configure a public facing store or a private
store for your select customers with just a click.

RFQ on eCommerce store
as per requirement

Your customers can also select items they want and 'Request for Quote' on your online store.


All our stores are PunchOut ready, with an experience of over 300+ Punchouts completed.


Built-in RMA functionality to handle returns automatically through your distribution.

Over 7+ million products from our 45+
distributor connections,
aggregated and updated daily.

Our complex search engine lets you easily find the product you're looking for from
millions of products.

Aggregated catalog

If you use any of the 45 as suppliers, your catalog is auto-imported to your online store.

Custom catalog

Add your products or services through individually or bulk-upload.

Rich content

Get free prebuilt rich content from Etilize, IceCat and many other sources

PIM integration

Integrate with any Product Information Management (PIM) application. Truly headless.

Advanced Search

A search algorithm that helps find even the most complex product easily. Drill down based on product attributes with our parametric search.

VAR eCommerce Software 13

A one-stop solution to manage
all your business processes.

Unparalleled support and
exceptional service

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