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A user-friendly and simple sales quotation software for VARs

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Create quotes in no time!

Create, send and manage quotes easily.

Create quotes or proposal

Create a new quote, copy existing quotes, save, edit, print or export quotes and create and maintain quote versions.

Aggregated catalog

Access real-time cost and inventory from 40+ distributors in Canada and the United States.

Add or import items

Search and add an item from your catalog or create a new item on the fly while quoting.

Multiple quote templates

Choose from multiple available templates or request your own custom template.

Rules-based calculations

Our sales quotation solution lets you set rules to automatically calculate tax, freight, discounts, etc.

Sending a quote or proposal

Send a quote in Excel  or PDF formats. We are an online quotation software for VARs, you can also send a quote as a Web URL or make it available on the ecommerce store.

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Complex quotes simplified!

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Create custom bundles on the fly. Search and add a pre-configured bundle from the catalog to the quote with our web-based quotation software.

Product configurator

Create configurable products and services. Automate pricing of complex products at the time of quote creation.

Approval workflow

Create your own serial or parallel approval workflow rules based on various criteria like price, margin, payment method, etc.

Link inside and outside sales reps

Inside reps produce quotes and outside reps can manage the account and sales in the CRM.

Upsell and cross-sell

Our business quotation software for VARs lets you provide upsell or cross-sell suggestions on your items added to the quote.

Check pricing history

Maintain a complete price history for each item quoted in the past so that you always have a reference guide.

Create professional quotes
anywhere, anytime!

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Get the VARStreet advantage

Aggregated product catalog

No more calling multiple vendors or surfing vendor websites.
Access real-time price and inventory from multiple distributors and up-to-date detailed product information.

Anytime anywhere quoting

Empower your sales reps with VARStreet’s Mobile Sales Quoting App.
Our IT quoting software for VARs lets you browse, search and quote products on the go!

Quick quoting

Quote without creating a customer account with just an email address.
Add products and send a quote.

Always price right

Compare multi-distributor pricing before quoting.
Price right and increase your chances of winning.

Link to Cisco

Ability to link CISCO estimates in VARStreet’s web-based proposal software.

Link to Dell

Ability to punch out to Dell Premier Portal, from VARStreet’s online proposal software.

Do more with our quotation management software

Quoting and CRM

All quotes link to CRM Module. Create new opportunity for every quote or link multiple quotes to a single opportunity. An efficient sales quotation system!

Quoting for contracts

Several built-in features to help businesses that sell to government institutions. Select products from the contract catalog, apply contract pricing, etc.

Focus on sales

One-click conversion of quotes to sales orders and purchase orders. Focus on what’s important – selling and creating opportunities.