Bundles and configurations

Make your day-to-day quoting a lot simpler, faster and accurate.

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Reduce time and error in creating complex quotes and orders


A robust configuration engine that allows you to design your own configured SKUs, dependencies and pricing based on various parameters.

Create configuration rules

Various features available to create configuration rules and eliminate errors in pricing.

Power your quotes

Your sales rep can use these configurations when creating quotes.

Power your ecommerce store

Your customers can create their own configured SKU on your online store.

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Handle most complex of quoting requirements easily!


Prebuilt functionality that enables you to create and sell bundles offline and online.

Create complex products, kits and assemblies that consist of multiple parts.

Approval workflows

Create approval workflow rule by customer, distributor, margin, order value, payment method, etc. or any combination of these and various other parameters.

Upsell and cross-sell

Do more with VARStreet, provide the usell and cross-sell suggestions to your customers.

Available for both quotes and online carts.

VARStreet has all your business needs covered.


Our b2b ecommerce platform supports all the above features to enable you to take your VAR business online.


We offer PunchOut integration for VARs that need it. Get a PunchOut ready store within days.

Bid support package

We’ll guide you through all stages of the contract from RFI to Award and post award maintenance.