Create and Sell bundles or configurations easily with VARStreet

Built-in tools to create product/service bundles easily. Also comes with a product configurator engine to allow customer to configure their own laptops/desktops/servers etc.

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Create and Sell bundle SKU's easily with our item bundling module.

Functionality that enables you to create and sell pre-configured bundles. Create complex products or just add multiple products together and sell as one.

Add/Upload bundle & compnents

You can add the main bundle SKU and its components one by one or do a bulk upload with quantity and pricing.

Bundle Pricing

Either provide a fixed price or derive from the price of items that are added to the bundle

Add Rich content

Add rich content like images, tech specs, and short and long descriptions to the bundled SKU

Show/Hide Components

Ability to show/hide components on customer quotes or eCommerce store.

Sourcing Bundle items

Source bundled item together from single distributor or create multiple purchase orders for different components


Let your customer choose their own custom configurations.

VARStreet comes with powerful configuration engine that allows you to create and sell complex product configurations.


A configuration engine at the back end that lets you design configuration workflows and add dependencies and pricing based on various parameters. Add items from Aggregated or Custom catalog.

Quick and easy

Creating new Items with all configurable parameters is very easy. Customers can configure products based on the options available on the eCommerce store. Sales people can also add configurations to the quote.

Look and feel

Various look and feel design available on store that makes creating a new configuration extremely fast and easy.


Equip your VAR business for modern age selling.

Build efficiency in selling IT

VARStreet enables you to sell configurable products effortlessly

Power your quotes

Your sales rep can use these bundles & configurations when creating quotes.

Power your eCommerce store

Your customers can buy bundles easily on the store or they can create their own configuration based on the options available

Upsell and cross-sell

Provide upsell and cross-sell suggestions based on customer's buying behavior. Available for both quotes and online carts.

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