Automate quoting process with VARStreet's CPQ Software

VARStreet’s CPQ (configure-price-quote) software drives more profitable sales through accurate and efficient quoting and pricing, no matter the complexity.

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Configure complex products and services instantaneously


Price accurately and deliver maximum value on every deal


Find products and customize them to generate sales quotes in minutes

Trusted by 5,500+ VARs and 25,000 VAR users to date

Super-fast quotes with VARStreet’s CPQ Platform

A configure-price-quote software that will help you close big deals at a higher win rate!

Create error-free configurations

Our CPQ platform has an advanced configuration engine that allows your sales reps to configure even the most complex products and services within minutes. The response time to large quotes and RFPs with thousands of line items is also shortened enabling you to close big deals quickly.

Price accurately

Visibility into price changes while quoting allows you to provide the most up-to-date pricing for customers resulting in winning quotations and better margins. Our CPQ application handles complex needs like pricing by customer, contract, SKUs, stock at distribution, and a lot more

Streamline approvals

Add approval workflows in your quotations based on any condition to accelerate the quote-to-cash process. Your customers too can configure approval workflows on your eCommerce store thus automating cumbersome processes.

Super-tight integrations

VARStreet's CPQ software solution integrates seamlessly with any existing software applications you may use eliminating data silos and duplication. Our CRM integrations pull customer information, pricing, and preferences to the quoting CPQ software eliminating costly errors and customer frustration.

Enterprise CPQ Software for Those Who Want To Excel

Catalog and Content

Our CPQ application comes with a ready catalog with products from 50+ Distributors. This makes searching and adding products to quotes easy, efficient and error-free.


Bundle multiple SKUs including configuration SKUs together to create complex products, kits, and assemblies that consist of multiple parts and services.

Upsell & Cross-sell

VARStreet's configure, price, and quote software will help you improve your bottom line with intelligent product recommendations that increase sales and margins.


Get real-time and accurate states about your quote. Advanced reporting to analyze margins, quote history, item history etc., that provides more power to your sales representatives.


Your quotes can be linked to customers or companies or opportunities in our CRM which gives you complete visibility, control and trackability of your sales quotation.


VARStreet’s highly rated and comprehensive CPQ solution is trusted and used by value-added resellers from Fortune 500 companies in the United States and Canada.

Advanced Sales Quoting Software

Embrace the power of VARStreet’s advanced CPQ platform, and revolutionize the way you generate quotes, impress customers, and elevate your business to new heights.

Quote generation

Create accurate, branded quotes using pre-designed templates, with options to hide or reveal discounts and quote lines. Easily quote complex products in just a few clicks.

Guided configurations

Create complex, error-free configurations in no time. A step-by-step configuration wizard to help sales reps choose the right products and services to create a configured product.

Accurate pricing

Get real-time access to price and inventory, enabling sales reps to create tailored quotes based on customer behavior and quote history. It considers quantities, customizations, and discounts, and ensures error-free pricing.

Integrated workflows

Automated workflows and approval chains speed up sales cycles, decrease response time to quotes, and increase conversion ratios. Quotes are automatically routed for approval, reducing wait times.

Dynamic online product catalog with real-time price and inventory

Get instant access to product information in your CPQ solution by syncing a product catalog from 50+ IT and office supplies distributors - your entire catalog at your fingertips.

Advanced search option to find products in seconds

Real-time pricing for over 7 million SKUs

Product Catalog from 50+ IT and Office Supplies Distributors

Automated Customer Cycles

Mechanized order management and order fulfillment leave no room for errors resulting in happier customers.

Advanced order management

Converting a quote to order is pretty straightforward in VARStreet. One-click conversion of confirmed quotes to sales orders and thereafter to purchase orders eliminates loss of data and errors.

Leverage your CRM and ERP

Enjoy a completely unified and streamlined approach to serving customers by integrating VARStreet’s CRM or your internal ERP or CRM software without any hassles.

Shipping and tax calculation

Easily add customer shipping addresses and let auto-calculated freight charges based on pre-set rules save you time. Automated tax calculation ensures accuracy and quote integrity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CPQ, or Configure, Price, Quote?

CPQ stands for Configure, Price, Quote. It is software that enables sales teams to generate accurate quotes for complex configurable products.

How does VARStreet’s CPQ software work?

CPQ software equips sales teams to address challenges during each stage of the sales cycle automated and guides selling and pre-programmed quote management.
VARStreet's CPQ tool automates the entire sales quotation process through preprogrammed custom rules for bulk discounts, approvals, customizations, and more based on customer requirements or contracts.
Once a sales representative initiates quote generation, our CPQ software ensures that they operate within the specific set of rules your company has established for pricing, discounting, approvals, and so on. This enables your sales team to be more agile and streamline the sales cycle.

What are the benefits of CPQ software?

Generate complex quotes with ease.
Most VAR businesses have a complex price book, with customers in multiple pricing tiers and dependencies for each tier.
Our CPQ software uses rules set by VAR users to help sales teams easily navigate these intricate pricing structures by mechanically updating quotes as products and services are added. The same guided and automated price structure is available on the eCommerce platform for your end-users to easily configure products on your online store.
Since everything is done through automation, you can eliminate the risk of human error and ensure accurate and consistent pricing.

Shorten the sales cycle
VARStreet's CPQ software eliminates manual data entry usually associated with sales shortening the sales cycle. The average sales cycle for CPQ users is shorter than for non-CPQ users.

Increase sales team performance
Businesses that have adopted CPQ solutions have shown especially promising results and massive productivity gains in their sales teams.
VARStreet’s CPQ makes it easier for sales reps to identify and suggest upsell and cross-sell opportunities, increasing the average order value.
Our CPQ solution even enables customers to configure products and place orders on their own through your eCommerce store, making customers more likely to complete their orders.

How can I tell if my business needs a CPQ tool?

Here are a few key indicators that investing in CPQ software might be a smart investment for your business.

  • Your product or service has a complex pricing model
  • You sell IT products or products that have different configurable models or compatibles.
  • Your sales team takes many hours to put together a quotation.
  • Your sales team struggles to identify upselling and cross-selling opportunities.
  • You need more visibility into your sales process.
  • You experience a high degree of manual errors or lost quotes and leads in your sales process.
  • Your current quoting application no longer meets your needs.
Should I invest in an on-premise or cloud-based CPQ tool?

On-premise applications are a thing of the past. Cloud-based solutions offer flexibility and scalability that you would not get with an on-premise tool. VARStreet’s cloud-based CPQ software is future-proof, you do not require an IT team to update or maintain your system and it is accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Can VARStreet’s Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software integrate with my existing ERP system?

Yes, absolutely. We integrate with many ERP applications like NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains, Microsoft Dynamics Nav, E-Automate, etc. We also have integrations with the most popular CRM, PSA, and accounting software like QuickBooks, Connectwise, AutoTask, HubSpot CRM, Zoho CRM, Salesforce CRM, etc.
Our technical team can efficiently carry out any custom integrations you require too. Again, let us know and we will make it happen!

Can my customers quote and configure their own orders?

Yes, VARStreet comes with an eCommerce storefront where end customers can log in and configure their own orders and buy items. They can also send “Request for Quote” from the store for items that they are not sure of buying.

Do I need to have an IT background to write rules?

No, you do not. Anyone well versed in their product and industry knowledge with basic technical skills can write these rules.
VARStreet conducts training sessions for beginners when introducing our CPQ software to your teams. We also offer additional training if required and our support teams are always available to you for any further assistance you may require.

Does VARStreet’s CPQ tool support multiple revenue models?

Yes, various payment methods are available to customers. They can purchase outright, or go for leasing or any other payment method that you want to offer to your customers.

How long will implementation take?

Depending on your requirements, the implementation may take anywhere from 1-2 weeks. In case you need integration with your ERP or accounting software, it may take a little more time.

What can I do to make sure my CPQ implementation goes smoothly?

Your sales team and their feedback will be invaluable here. Understand their pain points and convey that to us so we know what to focus on.
Identify dependencies and approval workflows so we can build them within your CPQ to optimize your sales cycle.
Let us know your existing ecosystem and all the applications you use so we can integrate and streamline processes for you.
We have a highly experienced team of technicians who will smooth things out for you.
The most important aspect of implementing any new CPQ application is training your team to get the best possible outcome from their new tool.
VARStreet conducts intensive role-based training for all your teams to gain optimum results and productivity from their new CPQ application.

Why should I invest in VARStreet CPQ?

There definitely are many CPQ tools to choose from and we do not wish to cloud your decision.
If you are an IT or office supplies VAR, VARStreet is the way to go as our CPQ solution is designed and tailored to suit processes in the IT VAR industry.
Our CPQ software is integrated with catalogs from 45 popular IT and office supply distributors like Ingram Micro, Synnex, BlueStar, ScanSource, and many more. You can have a look at our distributor list here.
So if you partner with any of these 45 distributors, your respective product catalog/s will automatically be synced with our CPQ software. We also can add any distributor you partner with who isn’t in our distributor network. Let us know and we will make it happen.

What’s the implementation plan?

VARStreet integration can run in multiple stages based on needs. We first work with the reseller to set up the distributors so that catalog and pricing start to flow in.
Once done we work with VARs to set up other information like customers, payment methods, taxation, etc.
Complete training is provided to resellers for the application. If eCommerce is required, then we work with the reseller to set up their eCommerce store as well.
Once done they can start to use the application. Complete support by phone and email is available to take care of support issues.