CPQ Software by VARStreet

Our CPQ solution removes bottlenecks in the sales process and accelerates sales.

Online sales quotation

Configure complex products and services instantaneously.


Price accurately and deliver maximum value on every deal.


Find the right product and customize configurations to generate professional quotes in minutes.

Super fast quotes with VARStreet's CPQ platform

A configure-price-quote software that will help you close big deals at a higher win rate!

Create error-free configurations

Our CPQ platform has an advanced configuration engine that allows your sales reps to configure even the most complex products and services within minutes. The response time to large quotes and RFPs with thousands of line items is also shortened enabling you to close big deals quickly.

Price accurately

Visibility into price changes while quoting allows you to provide the most up-to-date pricing for customers resulting in winning quotations and better margins. Our CPQ application handles complex needs like pricing by customer, contract, SKUs, stock at distribution and a lot more.

Streamline approvals

Add approval workflows in your quotations based on any condition to accelerate the quote to cash process. Your customers too can configure approval workflows on your eCommerce store thus automating cumbersome processes.

Super-tight integrations

VARStreet's CPQ software solution integrates seamlessly with any existing software applications you may use eliminating data silos and duplication. Our CRM integrations pull customer information, pricing and preferences to the quoting CPQ software eliminating costly errors and customer frustration.

Enterprise CPQ software

We have worked with thousands of VARS over a period of 15+ years to create a enterprise CPQ software solution that will make your day-to-day quoting a lot simpler, faster and accurate.

Catalog and content

Our CPQ application comes with a ready catalog with products from 45+ distributors. This makes searching and adding products to quotes easy, efficient and error-free.

Upsell and cross sell

VARStreet's configure-price-quote software will improve your bottom line with intelligent product recommendations that increase sales and margins.


Bundle multiple SKU’s including configuration SKU’s together to create complex products, kits and assemblies that consist of multiple parts.


Your quotes can be linked to customers or opportunities in our CRM which gives you complete control and trackability of your quote.


Get real-time and accurate reporting to analyze margins, quote history, item history etc., that provides more power to your sales representatives.