Add your own Products or Services

With custom catalog functionality you can add any products or services in VARStreet to sell via E-Commerce or Quoting.

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Sell anything online

Don't be restricted by distributor catalogs offered in VARStreet. You can add your own custom products or services to your VARStreet product catalog.

Add Custom Products
Add Products or Services

You can Add products or Services one by one or do a bulk upload.

Add Your Own Content
Create Custom bundles

You can pick products or services from aggregated or Custom catalog and create a bundled SKU#.

Manage Inventory
Rich Content

If available VARStreet can pull and provide rich content even for custom SKUs.

Manage Inventory
Add/Upload Content

If not available with VARStreet then you can add or upload rich content for your own products or services easily.

Manage Inventory

You can either use VARStreet catalog categories or add your own categories and sub categories to organize custom products.

Manage Inventory
Pricing Custom SKUs

Add your own fixed price or use VARStreet pricing engine to compute selling price.

Product Demo Video

Equip your VAR business for modern age selling.

Manage and update catalog easily

Powerful and simple back end utilities to help you manage and update catalog quickly and easily.

Unified customer catalog

Your total catalog is a combination of VARStreet aggregated catalog and custom catalog, providing one unified buying experience to the customer.

Custom product sourcing

Add custom distributors and link your custom catalog to custom distributors for purchasing.

Automated Updates

Provide a cloud folder or FTP where your catalog is managed and required refresh frequency. VARStreet will automatically pull updates and refresh.