Connection with 50+ IT and office supplies distributors in the U.S. and Canada

Get Daily price and inventory updates, including promotions from our connected distributors

office supply distributors in US & Canada

Distributor information at your fingertips

If you are a value-added reseller and partner with any of the 50+ Distributors we connect with, leverage VARStreet to automate your VARs business and get auto-updates on price and inventory from multiple IT and office supplies distributors in one application. Our catalogs are well-organized and structured, come with advanced search functionality, and are complete with rich content giving you in-depth product information.

Updated prices

Daily update of price and inventory at distributor warehouse level. The catalog is auto-updated through FTP. No need to update the catalog manually.

Real-time price and availability

XML integration with top distributors for real-time price and availability. Get instant access to updated information.

Ease of distributor partnerships

Select the distributors you work with from the available list of IT and office supply distributors we have integrations with.

Promotions, rebates and discounts from your distributor

Promos and rebates from distributors updated in your VARStreet application.

Your VARs product catalog managed

Outdated information is instantly removed from the catalog. VARStreet handles discontinued and new products from distributors so that you always have an up-to-date catalog.

7 million products fully mapped

A vast catalog of 7 million products from 50+ distributors fully mapped into VARStreet aggregated catalog.

IT Hardware Distributors Catalog Integration

The simplest and fastest
way to take your VARs
business online.

Seamless order processing

VARStreet's IT hardware and office supplies catalog integrations automate the process from start to finish. It ensures that your order processing is quick and seamless. No need to waste time handling orders manually. Convert confirmed quotes or carts to POs and send them to distributors in a few clicks.

Increase margin by sourcing right

Compare real time price and inventory from multiple distributors in one window while sourcing products to complete orders.

One-click ordering

Our IT hardware and office supplies catalog integration with distributors enables you to order easily and quickly. It gives you the ease of sending a PO to your distributors of choice in one click. Order the products you want with a single click of a button.

Order tracking

Track products right from the time the order is placed to when they are delivered to your customers. Get notifications and updates for order status, serial no, shipment, and tracking.