PunchOut Catalog Integration for Streamlined Procurement

Unlock seamless procurement experiences with our expertise as a PunchOut solution provider, having successfully executed 250+ PunchOut integrations for our esteemed clients.

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What is PunchOut?

PunchOut is a technology that allows buyers to access a supplier's website from their procurement application with customized pricing and terms. They can browse products, add them to their cart, and upon checkout, the cart is redirected back to their procurement system for approval.

Login to your procurement system

Punchout to VAR's store hosted by VARStreet

Add item to the shopping cart

Take item back to the procurement system

Release purchase order to VAR

PunchOut Catalog

PunchOut and Roundtrip ready VARs stores

Provide PunchOut

Your customers can link to your VARs eCommerce store through their existing procurement systems.

Single Sign-On

Your eCommerce store is launched within the buyers’ e-procurement system avoiding multiple logins.

Pre-configured stores

A pre-configured store with products and prices as per the agreed contract with the buyer.

Level 2 PunchOut Catalog Integration to Achieve Next-Level Efficiency

Customers can use their procurement system to search and view PunchOut products. It eliminates the need to search every supplier's PunchOut website. They can punchout directly to the product details page from within the procurement system.

Advanced customization with tailored storefront

Real-time catalog updates directly from the supplier's website.

Customers can perform a search from within the procurement search tool.

VARStreet has a ready PunchOut solution with almost all well-known procurement systems

SAP Ariba PunchOut Catalog

VARStreet offers SAP Ariba PunchOut integration for your eCommerce store using which you can digitally transform your procurement and collaborate with your suppliers efficiently on a single integrated platform.

Coupa PunchOut

Get Coupa eCommerce PunchOut ready stores with VARStreet for streamlined B2B buying. Coupa PunchOut Integration with VARStreet provides an efficient way for your B2B customers to browse and shop your latest offerings.

ESM PunchOut Catalog

A VARStreet and ESM PunchOut integration can enhance the shopping experience for customers using ESM Solutions for spend management, while also lowering order processing costs and improving their efficiency.

Jaggaer PunchOut Catalog

VARStreet stores are PunchOut ready with Sciquest PunchOut integration. Integrating PunchOut catalogs within your customers' SciQuest-JAGGAER procurement system speeds processing, order fulfillment, and special requests.

Oracle PunchOut Catalog

VARStreet offers Oracle PunchOut integration for your eCommerce store. Oracle PunchOut catalog integration simplifies the shopping experience of your buyers as they can place orders without leaving their procurement application

PeopleSoft PunchOut Catalog

Get Oracle PeopleSoft PunchOut integration ready stores with VARStreet. Oracle’s PeopleSoft eProcurement PunchOut catalog integration gives customers access to accurate product information, especially for highly configured or variable price items.

JD Edwards PunchOut

We offer a modern eCommerce store with JD Edwards eProcurement PunchOut Catalog. VARStreet and JD Edwards PunchOut integration ensure an enhanced shopping experience for your customers and transactional integrity for your business.

Workday PunchOut Catalog

VARStreet stores can be integrated with Workday Punchout Catalog. Our Workday PunchOut catalog solutions allow a full round trip between your eCommerce stores and the Workday application at your customer’s end.

Vinimaya PunchOut Catalog

Optimize purchasing and user experience of your customers using Vinimaya PunchOut integration functionality on your eCommerce store with VARStreet. A VARStreet Vinimaya PunchOut catalog integration allows you to scale your VARs business

Why you need a PunchOut catalog solution?

Most businesses use procurement or ERP applications like Ariba, JD Edwards, etc. for their business needs. To streamline processes and have greater control and visibility over their procurement processes they expect their suppliers to provide PunchOut with their ERP.

They require their suppliers to integrate their product catalogs and contracted pricing directly into their own procurement system with a web-based PunchOut catalog that can be accessed anytime by them. They also expect most of the transactions like purchase orders, invoices etc go through the same PunchOut instance. If you cannot provide this integration you may lose customers to your competitors

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PunchOut Catalog?

A PunchOut or Roundtrip, also known as PunchOut Catalog or PunchOut Website is a method for B2B buyers to purchase from a supplier's website from within the buyer’s own procurement application. Usually, a buyer can easily log in to the supplier’s eCommerce website and purchase items.

For a PunchOut, a buyer would log into their procurement system like SAP, Coupa, or any other, and click on a link that opens the supplier’s eCommerce store within the buyer’s procurement system. Since it uses single sign-on they do not have to sign in again and can browse through the catalog like on any eCommerce website.

Once they are ready to buy, instead of placing the order with the supplier, the item is sent back to the buyer’s procurement system.

They do not have to enter anything manually and the order goes through the approval workflow inside the procurement system.

Once approved they can either send a PO to the supplier manually or within the same PunchOut framework. Some buyers also pull invoices from the supplier's website through a PunchOut

A customer of mine has requested to set up a PunchOut Catalog, how can VARStreet help me?

All VARStreet eCommerce stores are PunchOut enabled, and we have done hundreds of PunchOut implementations with almost all known procurement systems.

If you are an existing customer, please get in touch with our support or sales to set up a PunchOut catalog for your customer.

If you are a new customer, you will need a VARStreet eCommerce subscription to create a PunchOut catalog. Please get in touch with our sales team, and we can guide you through the process.

How much time does it take to create a PunchOut website?

We have implemented PunchOut websites for almost all known procurement systems. We can complete a PunchOut catalog for existing customers within a day to a few days depending on the requirement.

New customers will also need to set up an eCommerce store with us for this to work. In most cases, you can be up and running with a PunchOut catalog in 1-2 weeks.

Which eProcurement systems have you implemented PunchOut for?

We have currently implemented PunchOut with almost all known procurement systems like SAP, Jaggaer (Formerly Sciquest), Ariba, Oracle PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Coupa, Oracle iProcurement, ESM, Workday, Vinimaya, and many others.

I have more than 5 customers requesting PunchOut. Will I need 5 separate stores?

Absolutely not. We have customers who have almost 10+ PunchOuts with different procurement systems running on the same store.

Since VARStreet comes with a default functionality where the catalog and pricing shown on the store can be easily configured for a login, you can practically have any number of customers using PunchOut with varied procurement systems on the same store.

We also support landing page configuration by logins so you can configure the look and feel of the store based on the customer and give your larger customers a highly personalized and special treatment.

Can I use VARStreet for PunchOut with my own eCommerce provider?

We prefer to provide PunchOut on our eCommerce platform as our eCommerce is PunchOuts ready. It also makes a lot of sense for suppliers to get on VARStreet's eCommerce platform, as most customers requesting PunchOut would be large B2B buyers and very few eCommerce stores can handle B2B needs like VARStreet.

VARStreet is not just eCommerce, you get much more than just a PunchOut-ready eCommerce platform when you buy VARStreet. Please click here to set up a demo of our PunchOut-ready eCommerce platform.

What is the process to set up PunchOut with VARStreet?

Setting up PunchOut is very easy with VARStreet. Once you have set up an eCommerce store with us, get in touch with our sales/support to request PunchOut implementation.

After the commercials are agreed upon, we can either work with your customer directly to understand the requirement and set up the PunchOut implementation or, work based on the documentation you have received from your customer.

Once done, we set up the PunchOut implementation in our QA environment for the customer to test. Upon a successful test, we move it to production quickly. All of this is completed within a few days.

I do not have the technical bandwidth to interact with my customer who requested PunchOut. Can VARStreet help me there too?

Absolutely, we do not just sell you PunchOut-ready eCommerce stores but, we practically become your technical arm. We can interact with your customer on your behalf, answer their doubts and queries and quickly implement a solution to test based on their needs.

Can VARStreet handle customization requests in PunchOut?

Yes. We have a team of highly skilled engineers who understand PunchOut very well, and they can handle all types of customizations easily.

Why choose VARStreet’s PunchOut application?

VARStreet is committed to providing solutions focused 100% on enabling a supplier's eCommerce application by connecting to the buyer’s procurement system. We have successfully completed hundreds of PunchOuts to date. VARStreet’s PunchOut system is cost-effective too, which makes it a plausible solution.