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PunchOut Catalog Software

PunchOut catalog

Available Punchouts

PunchOut and Roundtrip ready VAR stores

PunchOut catalog

Available Punchouts

PunchOut and Roundtrip ready VAR stores

Provide PunchOut

Your customers can link to your VAR eCommerce
store through their procurement systems.

Single Sign-On

Your customers don't have to login twice. Your eCommerce
store is launched within the buyers’ e-procurement system.

Pre-configured stores

A pre-configured store with products and prices as
per the contract.

PunchOut Catalog Software 2

What is PunchOut?

PunchOut is a technology which enables a buyer to access the suppliers website through the buyers own procurement
application. They can ‘PunchOut’ from their procurement system and get directed to your eCommerce store which is
configured and customized for that particular customer with negotiated pricing, terms, etc.

They can browse products from the PunchOut catalog and add them to the shopping cart.

A connection is maintained between both these applications and the buyer’s shopping cart upon ‘checkout’ is redirected
back to their own procurement system for approvals. Once approved, either a purchase order can be created in the
buyer’s procurement system and sent to the supplier via email or fax or in many cases the buyer sends the PO back
through the same PunchOut transaction. In many cases buyer also expects supplier to post the invoices after
shipment in the same PunchOut transaction

We understand the PunchOut
requirement based on information
provided by you.

If required, together with you,
we speak with your end customer
to understand any custom needs.

Our in-house team then configures
the PunchOut for test by the
supplier on a staging environment.

Once accepted, the PunchOut is
moved to production for regular

PunchOut Catalog Software 3

The simplest and fastest
way to take your VAR
business online.

Why you need a PunchOut catalog solution?

Most businesses use procurement or ERP applications like Ariba, JD Edwards, etc. for their business needs.
To streamline processes and have greater control and visibility over their procurement processes they expect their
suppliers to provide PunchOut with their ERP.

They require their suppliers to integrate their product catalogs and contracted pricing directly into
their own procurement system with a web-based PunchOut catalog that can be accessed anytime by them.

They also expect most of the transaction like purchase orders, invoices etc go through the same PunchOut instance.

If you cannot provide this integration you may lose customers to your competitors

VARStreet has ready PunchOut solution with almost
all well known procurement systems

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PunchOut?

Unlike in B2C, when visiting an eCommerce store end users choose products, add them to the cart and check out, a B2B VAR sometimes needs the PunchOut functionality for their customers. What PunchOut does is places your online store inside of a B2B organization’s eProcurement system. Buyer can then choose products related to the organization’s requirements and add them to the shopping cart similar to B2C.

Then, instead of a check out option and payment, the PunchOut system sends the product approval request to the organization’s procurement officer through the eProcurement system.

Once approved, only then can the supplier process the request after payment. In short, in B2C there is no need of approval after the consumer chooses products, while in B2B, there are approval workflows to be honored before a purchase can be made.

A buyer can access suppliers’ catalogs and purchase them only within the internal infrastructure and not directly through an eCommerce store by typing in the eCommerce store’s name.

PunchOut helps to make the process easier for customers of B2B VARs.

Procurement of goods becomes easier and what VARStreet’s PunchOut does is streamline the buying process which includes management of purchasing policies, spending controls and inventory levels.

How does VARStreet’s PunchOut Catalog work?

The end user from the buying organization application, leaves their eProcurement application and moves into the sellers VARStreet catalog.

The storefront displays items, prices, descriptions, purchase terms and other information based on agreed upon prices, catalog and terms.

The end user chooses their products, adds them to the cart and unlike a B2C checkout which leads the customer to the payment gateway.

The cart is transferred back into the eProcurement application of the end user’s organization for approval before a check out is initiated. The check-out process will then mean a purchase order is generated which then again goes to the supplier to fulfil.

What is PunchOut procurement?

It is the connect and interaction between a business to business(B2B) or a business to government(B2G). In short, it is the interaction between a vendor's web storefront and a buyer's procurement application.

Purchase and sales of supplies, work and services take place online and through other information and networking systems which include electronic data interchange (EDI) and enterprise resource planning (ERP).

The eProcurement in the PunchOut process includes sourcing, vendor management, catalog management, purchase order integration, order status, ship notice, e-invoicing, e-payment, and contract management.

How does an eProcurement system work?

An eProcurement system works through a procurement web application. Businesses use eProcurement in order to facilitate electronic purchasing processes and the tool gives insights into spend, management of vendors and contracts.

It helps to match purchases with purchase orders and invoices. Procurement officers within buying organizations control and manage product spend within their company and monitor unnecessary spends placed in the shopping cart and eliminate chances of overspending in future too.

Hence the eProcurement system like SAP, Ariba, PeopleSoft, etc. keeps checks and balances in place on employee buying and spending trends and mandates all employees to use the organization’s eProcurement application.

Off-contract spends are tracked and eliminated. Through the eProcurement software, employees of a buyer organization are directed to VARStreet’s PunchOut catalog, where they can browse and order products from multiple vendors within the marketplace.

What format is VARStreet’s PunchOut catalog?

1) PunchOut catalog which is a vendor eCommerce web application to supply essential information for ordering goods and services. It also provides marketing and promotional forums directly to end users.

2) Hosted catalog/CIF catalog which is a static product list, in an Excel format that is uploaded within the e-procurement system by the vendor. The sheet provides essential information for ordering goods and services.

How different is a PunchOut website?

A PunchOut site is an eCommerce website to enable a buyer to make purchases on a supplier's website through the buyer organization’s own procurement application.

VARStreet’s PunchOut website communicates directly with the buying organization's procurement system through commerce eXtensible Markup language(cXML). cXML is a protocol created in the late 90s by Ariba.

cXML is intended for communication of business documents and takes place between procurement applications, eCommerce hubs and suppliers.

The buying organization exits from their organization's system and links to VARStreet’s PunchOut catalog.

The end user selects and adds items to their shopping cart and this detailed information about the transaction is delivered through appropriate channels or the procurement system. This reaches the procurement officer in the buying organization during the connection for approval.

How important is PunchOut?

82% of global B2B companies that were classed as masters in terms of B2B eCommerce maturity had already pivoted to or fully established quick payment options such as one-click purchasing as part of their B2B selling strategies.

This depicts the growing dependency on eProcurement systems, moreso with more companies going online globally during the COVID-19 pandemic.

VARStreet’s PunchOut process which offers catalogs on office and IT supplies is a one stop solution which increases the overall efficiency of the procurement process for buying organizations.

The process is transparent in a controlled environment with checks and balances on expenditure while it eliminates off-contract spending.

What if there is no PunchOut process?

Without a PunchOut process, buyer organizations choose not to interact with the supplier’s eCommerce platform.

Without a PunchOut or not delivering on a determined time, affects the VARs chances of losing out to competition. PunchOut offers transparency and hence trading partners want their suppliers to do business the way they want. PunchOut is the way forward.

Why choose VARStreet’s PunchOut application?

VARStreet is committed to providing solutions focused 100% on enablement of a supplier's eCommerce application by connecting to the buyer’s procurement system.

We have successfully completed many PunchOuts till date.

VARStreet has PunchOut integrations with Ariba, Jaggaer, Oracle, Coupa, SAP and others. We can also integrate with any custom applications you may have.

VARStreet’s PunchOut system is cost-effective too, which makes it a plausible solution.

What are the current PunchOut integrations within VARStreet?

We currently have ready PunchOut integration with Ariba, Jaggaer (formerly Sciquest), Oracle PeopleSoft, SAP, Coupa, ESM, Workday, Vinimaya and JD Edwards.