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What is rich product content?

Rich content includes multiple forms of engaging media on your eCommerce product pages and offline product catalog that go beyond basic product information to further educate customers about your product.

Why is product content important?

Consumers are 25% more likely to make an online purchase when rich product content is present. Offline sales quotations too convert better if accurate and high-quality rich content is included in the quotation as it helps customers make an informed buying decision.

Etilize data partner

GfK Etilize provides clients with mission-critical product information and solutions for retailers, distributors, and manufacturers to power their eCommerce efforts.

Benefits of Etilize data integration

Add Custom Products
Increase sales

By adding in product content such as videos and virtual tours, conversion rates increase by up to 64%

Add Your Own Content
Reduce returns

22% of the returns are because the product received appeared to be different in pictures than what was received

Manage Inventory
Lower shopping cart abandonment

88.05 % of online shopping orders were abandoned in March 2020. The quality of product content is one of the top reasons for abandoned carts.

Rich Content Tool
Improve the customer shopping experience!

Engaging content educates prospective customers on how a product works and increases the chances of them buying from you

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