Return Merchandise Authorization

RMA functionality by VARStreet to efficiently handle
customer returns

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Return Merchandise Authorization

Multiple options to manage returns as per
your business needs

We support fully automated, semi automated or manual RMA handling

Form based RMA

A form is made available on the store with the fields you need captured for returns. Customers can fill up the form which triggers an email to the appropriate department.

Automated RMA

You can chose to automate RMA depending on your business policies.

Sales reps on behalf of customer

Sales reps can submit the Return Request from the back office on behalf of the customer and then notify the end customer once the Return Request is processed.

Return Merchandise Authorization 2

Flexible and configurable

Configure various criteria or parameters depending on your business policy

Return Merchandise Authorization 3
Configurable RMA reasons

VARStreet allows resellers to configure list of
"Return Reason(s)". Customers can pick from those
reasons when returning an item. Reports based on
reasons can be generated.

Return Merchandise Authorization 4
Configurable RMA status

VARStreet allows resellers to configure various RMA
status. The status is shown to customers based on
what stage the return is at.

Return Merchandise Authorization 5
RMA types

You can define RMA types like credit only, repair,
refund etc.

Return Merchandise Authorization 6
Handling refunds

Refunds can be automated or handled manually.

Return Merchandise Authorization 7
Handling returns

Once RMA's are processed your customers can ship
the items back.

Return Merchandise Authorization 8

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A few more things to know

User can submit the Return Request only against a SHIPPED sales order.

Only one Return Request is created against one sales order. Multiple request against a sales order are maintained in one single return document.

Return Request are maintained independently of sales order. i.e. no changes are made to the sales order when a return request is processed against it.

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