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Sales Quoting Software

Create winning quotes in no time!

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Create, send and manage quotes easily.

Create winning quotes in no time!

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Create, send and manage quotes easily.

Create quotes or proposal

Create a new quote, copy existing quotes, save, edit, print or export quotes, and create and maintain quote versions.

Multiple quote templates

Choose from multiple available templates or request your own custom template.

Real-time price and inventory

Access real-time cost and inventory from 50+ Distributors in Canada and the United States.

Rules-based calculations

Our sales quotation solution lets you set rules to automatically calculate price, tax, freight, discounts, etc.

Mobile quoting app

Empower your sales reps with VARStreet’s Mobile Sales Quoting App. Browse, search and quote products on the go!

Quick quoting

Quote without creating a customer account with just an email address. Simply add products and send a quote.

Add or import items

Search and add an item from your catalog or create a new item on the fly while quoting.

Multiple quote delivery options

Send a quote in Word, Excel, or PDF formats. You can also send a quote as a Web URL or make it available on the eCommerce store.

Easy quote software

Complex quotes simplified!

How It Works

Our sales quoting software is designed for B2B VARs

Complex quotes simplified!

How It Works

Our sales quoting software is designed for B2B VARs


Create custom bundles on the fly OR search and add a pre-configured bundle from the catalog to the quote.

Product configurator
Product configurator

Create a new product configuration based on customer request. Automate pricing of complex products at the time of quote creation.

Approval workflow
Approval workflow

Create a serial or parallel approval workflow rules based on various criteria like price, margin, payment method, etc.

Upsell and cross-sell
Upsell and cross-sell

Our business quotation software for VARs lets you provide upsell or cross-sell suggestions on your items added to the quote.

Check pricing history
Check pricing history

Maintain a complete price history for each item quoted in the past so that you always have a reference guide.

Tool for VARs sales quoting
Quoting for contracts

Several built-in features to help businesses that sell to government . Select products from the contract catalog, apply contract pricing, etc.


Equip your VARs business for modern-age selling..

Add products to your quotes easily

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Our sales proposal software comes with ready distributor connections and an aggregated catalog of 7M+SKU's

Add products to your quotes easily

Learn More

Our sales proposal software comes with ready distributor connections and an aggregated catalog of 7M+SKU's from all popular manufacturers.

Distributor connections

We partner with 50+ IT and office supplies distributors in the US and Canada.

Aggregated catalog

VARStreet's aggregated catalog comprises of over 7 million products from manufacturers like Microsoft, HP, Dell, Cisco, Lenovo, Logitech, Motorola, Zebra, and many more.

Custom catalog

If you sell outside our distribution network, you can add your products or services to the custom catalog.

Bulk Upload

Add multiple products to your quote at once, Save time and Reduce errors.

Add Non Catalog items

Quickly add a non Catalog item on the fly for your one-time needs

Contract Catalog

Contract Catalog provides a filtered view of only items available in your Govt or commercial contracts

Get the VARStreet advantage

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Do more with our web quoting software

Get the VARStreet advantage

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Do more with our web quoting software

Always price right

Compare pricing in real-time from multiple distributors before quoting. Price right and increase your chances of winning.

Order processing

One-click conversion of quotes to sales orders and purchase orders sent to distributors.

Quoting and CRM

All quotations can automatically create opportunities in the CRM for better sales forecasting and tracking

RFQ on eCommerce store

Request for quotes option available on eCommerce store. If opted by customer, sales reps are alerted immediately

Link to Dell

Ability to punchout to Dell Premier Portal from VARStreet’s online proposal software.

Link to Cisco

Ability to link CISCO estimates in VARStreet’s web-based proposal software.

Zebra Solutions Integration

VARStreet has direct integrations with Zebra Technologies for electronic placement of orders and convenient order processing


Handle returns with ease either through a form based RMA or an automated RMA process.

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all your business processes.

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exceptional service

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    A range of professional services to help you with customized
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Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me a little bit about VARStreet and its applications.

VARStreet is a business management platform and has multiple modules like quoting, eCommerce, CRM, procurement, etc. The entire software stack is called VARStreet XC.

We also offer individual modules as separate products. Instaquote is a product for VARs who want to use VARStreet only for quoting.

It includes our powerful quoting module along with a FREE CRM, integration with 50+ IT and office supply distributors, and a full procurement module to process orders.

You will always have the option to add an eCommerce store and move to a full VARStreet subscription from Instaquote.

Can we buy only InstaQuote or do we need to buy the entire VARStreet product?

You can buy only InstaQuote and if at a later stage you need to add the eCommerce module, you can do so.

We currently use a spreadsheet for quoting. Will your sales quoting software help me get rid of that completely?

Yes, you will no longer need to use cumbersome spreadsheets. VARStreet’s quoting software will help you create quotes faster than using a spreadsheet and also give you added benefits of quote tracking, reporting, analytics and a lot more!

It also comes with a capability to import spreadsheets so if you feel comfortable with spreadsheets for certain types of quote you can import those in the quoting module easily

Can we create our own quote template?

While our quoting application comes with a variety of pre-designed quote templates that can be customized, you can also create your own templates. Please let our support team know about your template needs and they will take care of it.

We are a small IT VARs? Will this help me?

Absolutely! VARStreet’s sales quoting solution is designed for businesses of all sizes, from a small VARs to large enterprises. It is simple enough to serve the requirements of a small business yet feature-rich to handle complex processes of large enterprise resellers. You can start really small based on your need and scale as your need grows.

We currently use Ingram Micro, Tech Data, Synnex, ScanSource and a few other distributors for catalog and pricing, will you be able to pull my information from them?

Yes. We integrate with 50+ Distributors including the ones mentioned above. Once you fill in your distributor account details into VARStreet, your catalogs from all the distributors you partner with will be pulled to VARStreet’s quoting module with the agreed-upon price and other conditions. We also aggregate catalogs coming from multiple distributors so that you do not have to worry about duplicate items flowing from multiple sources.

How does freight and taxes get calculated?

We have integrations with all popular freight companies and freight can be auto-calculated based on product dimensions and delivery zip code. We also integrate with a few tax providers for tax rates which helps in automated calculation of taxes.

VARStreet also comes with an extensive rule engine for freight and tax configuration that allows you to add your own rules which can override the automated tax and freight that we pull through our integration.

Our product pricing varies by customer, can I create rules so that pricing is calculated automatically. Can salespeople override that pricing?

Yes, you can apply varied percentages to cost from distributors and set up differentiated price structures. You can also create rules for pricing to be auto-calculated. You can also set up permissions and privileges so that only authorized personnel in your company can play with the prices.

Normally it takes almost 3-4 weeks before the customer confirms the quote, can I change my product source if I get the same product at a better price through a different distributor at that time?

Yes, you can. You also have the option of changing the cost but pricing the customer as per the quote or changing the customer price in accordance with the new cost.

Can I add/upload products which are not in my catalog to the quote?

We have a custom catalog feature through which you can upload products outside your distributor network to the custom catalog, either individually or bulk upload via a spreadsheet. You can add products from the custom catalog to quotations. You can also create a new item on the fly and add it to the quote.

We have inside sales reps who create quotes for multiple outside sales reps that are linked to them. How can that be handled?

Our quotation software comes with a default feature to allow linking of inside and outside sales reps, using which the inside sales reps and outside sales reps working on the same opportunities can be linked. We also have a Mobile Quoting App through which the outside reps can either create a quote while on the field or access quotes created by the inside sales eps.

Normally our quotes go through multiple iterations before being finalized, do you maintain different versions?

Yes, Quote Versioning is a standard functionality in VARStreet’s quotation module.

Can I provide upsell suggestions to customers in my quote?

Yes, you can and the customers also have the option to choose the upsell suggestion and once selected it can get added to the quote or order.

We want to control how salespeople use the tool, can I create rules so that quotes which do not meet certain criteria come to me for approval?

Our in-built approval engine lets you create your own set of rules for quotes that do not meet certain criteria to be routed for approval. It is very robust and helps you keep track of all quotations that are going out of your company

How can I process an order if the quote is approved by the customer?

Once a quote is approved you can quickly convert it to a sales order and a purchase order in a few clicks which can then be sent to your distributor of choice. You also have the option of automating this entire process if you need.

What quote delivery options do you support?

Our quotes can be sent in a Word, Excel, Pdf or HTML format. You can also send it as a web link or even make it available on your eCommerce store for your customer to view upon login.

Can I send product attachments like product collaterals, etc. to my quote?

Yes, you can. You also get FREE rich content like images, videos, descriptions, technical specifications and product collaterals with an InstaQuote subscription through our partnerships with top rich content providers like Etilize and IceCat as well as distributor partnerships.

Do you also have a mobile app for sales quoting?

Yes, our Anytime Anywhere Mobile Quoting App allows your sales reps to create quotations on the go and respond to RFQs quickly. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

It really helps to know my past quoted pricing, do you maintain pricing history for the quotes that I created in the past?

Yes, we maintain a complete pricing history and quotes against a customer so you have visibility into product pricing in the past which helps you to not over or under charge customers.

Do you have an integrated CRM for tracking quotes? Can I also use my own CRM?

Our FREE advanced CRM module is integrated with the quoting application, however, if you are comfortable with a different CRM you own and wish to continue using it, we have integrations with all popular CRM applications like Zoho, HubSpot, Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics and many more.

We only deal with the Government. Can it handle my contract quoting requirements? What features do you have specific to contract quoting?

VARStreet has tremendous experience of working with GovEd VARs and we understand the Government contract quoting requirements. We have an elaborate contract quoting module with the ability to add a contract catalog, technical refresh, rebates, etc. We also support VARs in the bidding process for various contracts like DHS First Source, FAA-FAVES, SEWP, ITES_CHESS and many more.

Find out more about VARStreet for GovEd VARs

There are so many quoting applications available in the market, how do you differentiate?

Our sales quoting solution is built in a simplistic way yet has the ability to handle complex enterprise features. It is used by individually run businesses to Fortune 500 companies. We are very scalable as the cost to add a few products or a catalog containing hundreds of thousands of products is the same.

We have catalog integrations with over 50+ IT and office supply distributors in the United States and Canada which allows for price and inventory updates in real-time. This is a big advantage in creating competitively priced quotations and also helps in procurement and sourcing.

You also have the option of building an eCommerce store with VARStreet which will unify both your online and offline business.