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Procurement Software for VARs

Easy sourcing that also saves you money

VARStreet makes it easy to source your products at the best possible price.

Real-time distributor feed

Pricing from 50+ Distributors in a single-window view. Compare and acquire your products at the best possible price.

Price and inventory updates

Real-time price and inventory updates for upto 7 million+ IT and office supplies products.

Discounts and Promotions

Complete visibility into discounts and promotions from multiple distributors. Compare your real cost

Combine orders

Ability to combine multiple orders to create single purchase order to get bulk order deals

Drop Ship

Save shipping cost by allowing distributors to drop ship products to your customers directly

Custom suppliers

Create custom suppliers. Attach custom catalog products to custom suppliers for easy purchasing

Procurement Software for VARs

Manual or automated procurement

Create purchase orders manually or automate using available workflows

Procurement Software for VARs 2
Manual purchasing

Create purchase orders and email it to your sales reps at distributor company

Procurement Software for VARs 3
Automated Procurement

Rule based automated conversion of carts or quotes into Purchase orders to distributors

Procurement Software for VARs 4
Order Status

Real-time order status and ETA updates from distributors to VARStreet

Procurement Software for VARs 5
Shipment Tracking

Ability to automatically pull serial #, tracking # etc from Distributor systems.

Procurement Software for VARs 6
Split Purchase Orders

Provide whether back order, splitting of PO is acceptable based on inventory at distributor warehouse.

Procurement Software for VARs 7
Purchasing workflow

Set up automated purchasing workflow based on combination of multiple parameters like supplier, order value, manufacturer, warehouse, inventory etc

Procurement Software for VARs 8

Equip your VARs business for modern age selling.

Our distributor connections ensure a
smooth sourcing process and automates
procurement to improve your supply chain efficiency.

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Aggregated product catalog

VARStreet aggregates the product catalogs from 50+ IT and office supplies distributors into one dynamic VARs product catalog. Sourcing is convenient with all price, inventory and promo information in one window.

PunchOut end-to-end purchasing lifecyle management

VARStreet manages and tracks everything through the full transaction life cycle, including order status and shipping from multiple distributors. Eliminate re-keying or duplicate data entry and be on top of your VARs business always!

Automated order processing

Confirmed shopping carts get auto-converted to POs and can be auto-sent to distributors based on parameters set by you. The distributor then fulfills the order on your behalf. Tracking information is sent to the customer.

A one-stop software to manage
all your business processes

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exceptional service

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sourcing module in VARStreet?

VARStreet comes pre integrated with 50+ IT & Office supplies distributors. If you have an account with any of these distributors you can not only pull their catalog and sell on your VARStreet application but also source it from your distributor of choice for fulfillment using our sourcing module. It comes with a lot of functionalities that will help you take your sourcing decisions better and guide you to source from the right supplier and save you time and money.

Which distributors do you integrate with?

We integrate with 50+ IT & Office supplies distributors. Please click here to have a look at the list of distributors available in VARStreet.

When I created a quote, I had used a different distributor for that product but now that product is no longer available, normally I procure it from different distributor, can I still do that with VARStreet?

Yes, you can easily change distributors while creating Purchase order.

How is my Purchase orders sent do distributors?

It is easy. When you receive an order confirmation either through your eCommerce store or an approved quotation, you can convert that into a Purchase order and send to the distributor either through email or using our electronic ordering integration. If your orders are sent electronically then order updates, shipment tracking, serial no. etc. will be pulled directly into VARStreet from distributor. We can also automate the Purchasing process for VARS who require the same.

Can I use any distributor that you have an integration with or I must have a partner account with the distributor?

All the distributors offer price files specifically for their partners. Hence you must have a partner account with distributor in order to receive pricing and also send Purchase orders. If you do not have an account with a distributor and would like to set up one, we can help with that as well.

Can I do automation where my shopping carts or quotes automatically creates distributor purchase orders? It will save me a lot of time and hassle.

Yes, we do offer that functionality. VARStreet comes with an elaborate purchasing workflow which you can enable so as to only send certain types of orders automatically. However it is highly recommended that you do that only for your existing customers. For new customers and especially credit card orders, it is recommended that you do one check before an order is sent out to your distributor for fulfillment.

I get special discounts when I buy in bulk. Can I combine multiple customer orders and create one PO for distribution?

Yes, you can do that.

Most of my distributors drop ship to my customers. Will I still be able to use this option with VARStreet?

Yes, when creating Purchase order, you have a check box where you can say that you want the order to be drop shipped or shipped to you.

Can I add my own suppliers?

Yes, you can add your own suppliers, you can also link the products that you have added in your custom catalog to your custom suppliers.

What is Electronic ordering / real time integration?

We have Electronic ordering integration with VARStreet where we are able to pull real time price and availability from distributors and also when you place an order electronically to your distributor of choice the system automatically pulls information like order updates, tracking numbers, serial numbers etc.

Will I be able to pay my distributor using VARStreet as well?

Nope. We are working on a feature where you can make credit card payment to your distributor but not otherwise.

Does your software allow me to place Purchase orders for items on back order?

Yes, back orders are a standard functionality when creating purchase orders in VARStreet.

Can I split my order into Purchase orders to multiple distributors?

Yes. You can either split items or you can also split quantities if one distributor does not have enough quantity of the item available.

Can I specify a specific shipment method in my PO? My customer wants the order to be shipped only through FedEx / UPS

Yes. You can do that when creating a Purchase order.

I have a better price negotiated with Distributor? Can I override the cost available electronically?

Yes, you can override that. You can also add your comments in the external comments section so that the PO flows through without any problem.

I have some specific shipping instructions that I must give? Can I do that in VARStreet?

Yes, you have a separate file for shipping instructions where you can add that.

Can I order through a specific distributor warehouse? It helps me in saving shipping costs.

Yes, you have warehouse based inventory available when creating PO and you can select the warehouse. In case you do not select it, normally distributor ships through the nearest warehouse only.

How do I cancel an order that I placed with the distributor?

You can either go to the distributor site directly or cancel or you can cancel through VARStreet if the order is placed electronically. In case the order is placed via email, then you will have to do it directly on distributor site.

What happens in case my customer requests return, does it automatically applies for the same with distributor?

Nope, you will have to separately apply for return and do a RMA request with the distributor.

Can I add a new distributor that you do not integrate with?

Yes, please get in touch with our sales or support in order to enable that.

I stock at my own warehouse also? Can I add that inventory also in VARStreet and fulfill through my own warehouse when I get an order?

Yes. You can do that.