Sourcing and procurement

Increase your margins by building efficiency in how you source products

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Sourcing made easy

Price and inventory updates

Real-time price and inventory updates from 40+ IT and office supplies distributors in the United States and Canada.

Real-time distributor feed

Pricing from multiple distributors in a single-window view. Acquire your products at the best possible price.

Automated procurement

Auto conversion of sales quotes or carts into purchase orders. Electronic order placement to all major suppliers.

Accurate tracking

Ability to automatically pull the order status, serial no, tracking no, ETA, etc., from select distributors.

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Stay effortlessly organised with VARStreet

Aggregated product catalog

VARStreet aggregates the product catalogs from 40+ IT and office supplies distributors into one dynamic VAR product catalog. Sourcing is convenient with all price, inventory and promo information in one window.

Ecommerce order processing

Confirmed shopping carts get auto-converted to POs and can be auto-sent to distributors based on parameters set by you. The distributor then fulfills the order on your behalf. Tracking information is sent to the customer.

Automate purchasing workflow

VARStreet manages and tracks everything through the full transaction life cycle, including order status and shipping from multiple distributors. Eliminate re-keying or duplicate data entry and be on top of your VAR business always!


Distributor connections


VARs till date


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PunchOuts completed

Taken weeks for your customer to approve your quote?

You quoted based on prices or promos applicable then and your customer took some time to accept your quote. We understand this happens in a VAR business.

Our dynamic back-office allows you to see distributor pricing and availability at the time you place your order and change the distributor to the one offering you the best possible price in real-time.

This way you can be sure that the sales quote you prepared still offers you the highest possible margin.