VARStreet XC - 1 sales and e-commerce solution for the IT and office supplies channel

  Streamline your Sales Operation
VARStreet XC will help you streamline sales operations, get into E-Commerce, and help you drive sales from every customer relationship. With VARStreet XC, your sales team can focus on things that matter most – sales and customers.
VARStreet XC combines the following modules together to provide you one integrated software that can meet most of your day to day business needs and help you run your existing business better and also get new business.
VARStreet XC includes a powerful suite of fully-integrated Sales & Procurement automation tools, plus an optional electronic storefront, to streamline the way you resell your IT products and services and optimize your revenue. VARStreet XC - platform is available in Three Configurations based on your unique business needs and the demands of your customers - all designed to help your business run better, and more profitably. Learn more about the 3 different VARStreet XC products.
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Instaquote-Online quoting tool & proposal creation software

Create quick and professional sales quotation online instantly -Anytime, Anywhere

  Automates the full quoting and procurement cycle
VARStreet InstaQuote automates the full quoting and procurement cycle. With built in connection to all major IT & Office Supplies Distributors and Etilize, you no longer have to worry about product pricing, inventory or Rich content. They are all there. Add to that your own custom/contract SKU’s and your catalog is ready. Quickly select a customer add product from the catalog and you are done. VARStreet’s built in VAR quote templates and connections with various companies for computing Tax, freight etc ensures that you get a very professional quote with all the elements in place.
Once the customer confirms the order, either online or offline you can quickly convert the quotes into Sales Order and Purchase order and send the PO to distributors of your choice electronically. We can also download order status and serial numbers and shipment tracking numbers from the distributors.
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VARStreet Datafeed

If you have your own Quoting tool or VAR E commerce website and are having really tough time keeping the products, pricing and inventory up-to-date then Do not Worry- VARStreet DataFeed will pull data from all your Major IT & Office supplies Distributors , aggregated and normalize and provide the data in a ready to be used format on a daily basis. You can also provide criteria on how or which products you need, so if you do not need the full range of products and just some specific products or Categories then just set those rules in VARStreet BackOffice easily and it will automatically filter the data based on the what you have set up in the BackOffice.
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