SAP Ariba PunchOut Catalog for B2B eCommerce

Need an Ariba catalog integration for your customers? VARStreet offers Ariba PunchOut integration for your eCommerce store.

Ariba PunchOut
Ariba PunchOut

SAP Ariba is a cloud-based procurement system and a spend management and supply chain service that enables buyers to connect with and manage suppliers and negotiate better agreements. Automate accounts payable and give suppliers greater visibility into their payments. SAP Ariba helps to simplify business transactions, reduce procurement cost as well as improve vendor management of a business organization. Companies all over the world use SAP Ariba to overcome procurement challenges.

SAP Ariba PunchOut is especially helpful if you sell complex, service-oriented, or highly configurable product offerings.

With SAP Ariba solutions, buyers can digitally transform their procurement and collaborate with their suppliers efficiently on a single integrated platform.

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An efficient and effective way for your B2B customers to shop on a modern eCommerce store. through their procurement application.

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Real-time product, pricing and inventory information available to buyers ensures accurate purchase orders and assured sales.

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B2B buyers can browse, configure and purchase products anytime. Approval workflow integrated into the applications shortens the buying cycle

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With Ariba PunchOut catalog solutions, add customized branding for each customer giving them a personalized shopping experience. Showcase your products with pre-negotiated pricing, upsells, cross-sells and more.

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Offer a one-click shopping experience to your buyers. This will enable you to receive orders faster.

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With Ariba PunchOut catalog integration, sell complex, service-oriented products and offer quotes and custom SKUs to your B2B buyers.

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Increased customer loyalty due to the ease of buying that a PunchOut integration offers B2B buyers.

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Electronically automated, optimized and accelerated purchasing shortens the buying cycle.

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