Coupa PunchOut Integration with VARStreet eCommerce

Coupa eCommerce PunchOut catalog integration with VARStreet's eCommerce application. PunchOut ready eCommerce stores for streamlined B2B buying.

Coupa PunchOut
Coupa PunchOut

Many big and small businesses use Coupa to simplify their purchase requisition and order processes. Integrating VARStreet's PunchOut catalog with your customer's Coupa procurement system offers them a seamless buying experience.

Many big and small businesses use Coupa for sourcing and procurement. It helps to simplify their purchase requisition, order processes and bring digital transformation from source to pay. Gain better visibility and have full control over spending from source to pay. Coupa enables users to unlock more value from their procurement spend and ensures spend compliance through contract enforcement. Coupa procurement software also allows buyers to evaluate supplier risk factors before initiating a purchase.

Coupa PunchOut Tick Mark

A modern eCommerce store. integrated with buyer Coupa eProcurement platform via
PunchOut catalog.

Coupa PunchOut Tick Mark 1

Up to date and real-time product, pricing, discount, and availability data without
manual processing and at a minimal labor cost and expense.

Coupa PunchOut Tick Mark 2

Accurate orders by eliminating manual data entry mistakes in pricing, quantity, product
information and a lot more.

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Increased buyer retention as an increasing number of B2B buyers now demand PunchOut
from their suppliers.

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Accelerated buying cycles as approval workflows are embedded in the Coupa PunchOut catalog integration

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Coupa PunchOut solutions with VARStreet provides an efficient way for your B2B customers to browse and shop your latest offerings.

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A simplified B2B buying experience for your customers. They can easily configure and customize products according to their needs.

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