ESM PunchOut Catalog Integration for B2B eCommerce

Need a ESM catalog solution for your customers? VARStreet offers ESM PunchOut integration for your eCommerce store.

ESM PunchOut
ESM PunchOut

ESM Solutions, is a leading provider of cloud-based spend management and eProcurement solution, offering sourcing, purchasing, invoicing, analytics and contract management applications to public and private sector organizations. ESM provides a path to procurement transformation. From contracts to payments, buyers can manage all their processes at one place. ESM provides an intelligent buying experience where buyers can easily locate their appropriate suppliers and products.

ESM helps buyers to improve compliance and manage their suppliers more strategically. Buyers can capture and monitor their supplier data to get a single window view of compliance and risks.

A VARStreet and ESM PunchOut integration ensures an enhanced shopping experience for your customers using ESM Solutions for their spend management. It will also lower your order processing costs.

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Leverage VARStreet's ESM PunchOut integration.Your customers save time, money, and resources while having the ability to connect with your eCommerce store through their ESM application.

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VARStreet users can now offer their customers an accelerated solution to accomplish their eProcurement initiatives.

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With VARStreet's ESM PunchOut catalog integration, customers using ESM can shop and order from you seamlessly over the web.

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Orders from your B2B customers using ESM are automated from login to invoice, with zero errors and exceptions.

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By offering ESM PunchOut solutions, you can improve your customer's ESM ROI and reduce their procurement cost. This will ensure greater customer satisfaction, loyalty and brand growth.

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Your enterprise customers can have the same shopping and ordering experience as your B2C customers, increasing customer satisfaction and retention. Your customers can search your site right through their procurement application.

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If you don’t become PunchOut ready, your customers will find a supplier who is. VARStreet stores are PunchOut ready so you do not lose to your competition.

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