Oracle PunchOut Catalog Integration for B2B eCommerce

Need a Oracle catalog solution for your customers? VARStreet offers Oracle PunchOut integration for your eCommerce store.

Oracle PunchOut
Oracle PunchOut

Oracle procurement is a comprehensive procurement solution that modernizes procurement business processes allowing businesses to manage suppliers and activities efficiently. It automates procure-to-pay and supplier management processes. Oracle Procurement Cloud enables businesses to reduce supplier risk, source more effectively, control spending, and improve profit margins. VARStreet stores are PunchOut ready and we offer Oracle catalog management.

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Procurement managers can access your web-shop from within their Oracle application and
enjoy customized catalogs with their negotiated prices, terms, etc.

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Oracle PunchOut solutions help to improve spend compliance and ensure cost savings by directing buyers to approved suppliers offering contract prices.

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Integrated procurement processes facilitate real-time document authoring, reviews, and

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Customized branding for each customer giving them a personalized shopping experience.

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Embedded social collaboration enables your customers to complete assignments faster and
more effectively thus shortening the buying cycle.

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Up to date and real-time product, pricing, discount, and availability data without manual
processing and at a minimal labor cost and expense.

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Oracle PunchOut catalog integration simplifies the shopping experience of your buyers. They can access your website and place orders without leaving their procurement application. A user experience that rivals what retail shoppers get from B2C eCommerce websites.

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PunchOut catalog reduces customer acquisition costs and helps B2B sellers attract more business.

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Our team of experts provide assistance to both buyers and sellers, facilitating integration with smooth data transfer across platforms. We offer reliable custom integrations that provide two-way communication and eliminate time consuming manual data entry.

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