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Workday PunchOut Catalog Integration with VARStreet eCommerce

Need a Workday catalog solution for your customers? VARStreet offers Workday PunchOut integration for your eCommerce store.

Workday PunchOut
Workday PunchOut

Workday is trusted by top global companies like Netflix, AirBnB, TripAdvisor, Keywest, and many more.

Their spend management solution provides a complete set of cloud spend management solutions that help businesses streamline operations and control indirect spend.

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VARStreet stores can be integrated with Workday. Your customers who use Workday as their procurement software can now PunchOut to your eCommerce store.

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Our Workday PunchOut catalog integration allows a full round trip between your stores and your customers' Workday application.

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An enhanced customer experience in line with modern B2C eCommerce features empowers you to go for the big guns!

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Increase customer retention due to accurate orders, optimal pricing, personalised buying experience and transparent invoicing.

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Automated, optimized and accelerated purchasing with integrations of workflows, contract terms,guided buying, etc shortens the buying cycle resulting in better customer retention.

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PunchOut is mandated by almost all B2B buyers and a VARStreet and Workday PunchOut integration allows you to scale your VAR business.

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