Customized solutions

We understand the uniqueness of the VAR business

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We have experts who will handle all aspects of your VAR business

Design service

Our design team will customize the design, look and feel of your ecommerce store.

Marketing services

Do you need help with Google Adwords, email marketing campaigns or social media campaigns? We have a team to handle these services for you.

SEO services

Need SEO expertise? We have a dedicated SEO team to guide you.

Special customization

Every VAR business is different.

Custom made solutions

Let us know if you need extra customization or enhancements.

Custom integration

We ensure a seamless integration between your current systems and your VARStreet technology.

Customized GUIs and templates

Tailor-made to your exact business needs.

Bid support for GovEd VARs

Bid Support Package

Exceptional support

A dedicated VARStreet bid support team member to work closely with you to understand RFI, RFQ, RFP requirements.

Hosted ecommerce store

We host a fully functional ecommerce store with distributors’ online catalog at a heavily subsidized fee.

Technical help

Help with screenshots, power points and any other technical documentation required for the response.

Catalog services

We will aggregate and normalize your product catalog and provide rich content.


With VARStreet you get all the necessary features to support BYOD procurement.

Premium support

A designated support professional with unlimited off-line, online and e-mail support.