Advanced reports and analytics

Complete visibilty of your VAR business

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Extensive backoffice reports

Make accurate business decisions

In-built reporting engine

Precanned reports both for your sales and purchasing reps.

Transaction reports

Detailed reports of top-selling brands, top categories, distributors, etc.

Advanced transaction filtering

Full transaction search for quotes, sales orders, purchase orders, etc. based on multiple criteria like customer name, distributor name, status, etc.

Custom reports

Decide which data to report on, define the filtering criteria and even specify report output.

Export reports

Print or export reports to Excel CSV, HTML or PDF formats.

Advanced ecommerce analytics

Sell online effectively!

Google Analytics integration

A complete analysis of the traffic, conversions, cart abandonment, popular pages, etc. of your VAR ecommerce store.

Abandoned cart handling

Detailed abandoned cart reports enable you to strategise and market efficiently.

Customer insights

Get insights into your customers’ journey on your online VAR store, from the landing page to checkout or cart abandonment.

Detailed insights

VARStreet gives you precanned reports of all transactions on your ecommerce store.