Request a New Distributor Feed

VARStreet has ready connections with 35+ major distributors including Bluestar, Synnex, D&H, Arrow & Ingram Micro Distributor to provide daily FTP price and inventory update along with XML integration for real time price and availability and electronic ordering to our customers. However, we are always working on adding new distributors to our list so that you get more value out of our product. Whether you are a VAR or a Distributor, you can request us to include a new distributor through Request a New Distributor Feed add on feature. Here is how you can do it.

If you are a VAR

In case VARStreet, If Our list of distributors does not include the name of distributors you are currently working with, then you can simply Contact VARStreet Sales, who will further guide you through the process of adding a new distributor to our list. Or you can introduce us to the distributor and we will then work directly with the right resources at the distributor’s company to ensure that you get to see their product and inventory in the VARStreet catalog.

If you are a Distributor

  • Become a VARStreet DataFeed partner

    VARStreet works with some of the largest of Resellers in North America and having your catalog available in VARStreet provides you with an opportunity for you to be available to these VARs. We will assign an account manager on our side who will work with you, understand your offering and find a match of resellers who sell similar products. We will also help you reach out to these VAR by sending them updates with our regular newsletters and marketing collaterals.

    There are clear advantages of being a VARStreet Data Feed Partner –

        • Get yourself available to hundreds of VARS and thousands of VAR users and end customers instantly.

    • VARs will see you as a supported distributor in their Backoffice and if needed they will create an account with you.

    • If VARs have account with you then they will be able to get your product and pricing along with multiple other distributors when they do the search and thereby providing you with an equal opportunity to be a preferred supplier of choice based on reseller needs.

    • You will be able to take all your promotions etc to the VARs we work with.

    • We will also get Etilize content for your products and hence Resellers customers will get much more content then just the basic feed and thereby increasing the chance of a sale.

    Please click here to learn more about Distributors we already have integration with

  • XML Integration for Real time Price & Inventory update

    This is an extension of Data Feed integration. With the XML integration VARStreet will also be able get Real Time price & Inventory information for your products and your Resellers will be able to send you Purchase Orders electronically once they receive an order. We will also be able to pull updates to the Purchase from your System into VARStreet. Information like order status, Shipment tracking Number, Serial Number etc flows real time from your ERP into VARStreet providing more value to your Resellers and making it easier for them to do business with you.

    Please click here to learn more about Distributors we already have XML integration for real time P&A including Ingram Micro, Synnex, D&H Distributor

How does this work?

After you express your interest to be a VARStreet supported distributor, we will assign an account manager from our side who will work with you to understand your offerings and find you a match of resellers who sell similar products. We will also send an email to our resellers, introducing you as our new distributor and help you to establish first contact with them. However, we will not sell on your behalf or provide you with any data regarding the resellers. It is completely at the discretion of the resellers whether they want to create an account with your or not.