VARStreet infrastructure on cloud

Ready-to-deploy word-class hosted eCommerce and quoting platform

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IT VAR eCommerce Software

Hosting infrastructure

A high-performing and scalable platform.

Enterprise cloud

Hosted in the well-known data center service provider, Expedient Inc in Boston, Massachusetts.

Robust security

Expedient provides a complete Virtual Private dedicated environment with multi-tiered security.

Optimum performance

The web farm in our environment is load balanced using a state-of-art load balancer from Cisco.

Fully managed service

We manage daily, periodic IT operations including price downloads, processing and backups for you.

eCommerce software for IT VARs


Protected by Intrusion protection service

catalog application for IT VARs
Advanced security

Besides standard UserID and password authentication, we use advanced security methods based on dynamic data and encoded session identifications.

Secure Hosting
Secure hosting

Firewall and other advanced technology to prevent interference or access from unauthorized users

Secure Transaction
Secure transactions

2048-bit encryption certificate at the entry point ensures that all transactions within the portal are completely secure.

PCI Certification
PCI certification

Secure credit card transactions on VARStreet hosted ecommerce sites

Enhancing the Security for VARStreet Platform using WAF (Web Application Firewall)

WAF security filters, blocks, and monitors inbound and outbound HTTP / HTTPS traffic for the web application. It is designed to analyze all HTTPS requests at the deepest level of communication protocols which helps to prevent DDoS, and OWASP types of attacks.

OWASP, Common Attacks

WAF inspects all the HTTPS traffic and blocks all OWASP Top 10 attacks such as SQL Injections, cross-site scripting (XSS), etc. that arise from application code vulnerabilities.

Blocks Anomalous Traffic

It prevents all the traffic with common anomalies such as traffic from malicious IPs, ToR traffic, volumetric DDoS attacks, bad BOTs (allow good BOTs at the same time), and many more.

Bot Protection

Bot Protection monitors web application and API traffic for automated bot activity and automatically blocks malicious/undesirable bots. By analyzing HTTP request and response data in real-time, combined with traffic sources, request anomalies, and application behavior it uniquely identifies bots without any changes in the application.

Prevents Account Takeover

Account Takeover Protection detects and stops ATO attempts, protecting customer authentication flows in applications and APIs.

Improves Application Performance

As WAF monitors and blocks anomalous traffic for the applications, it helps web application to serve efficiently to real business users and does not waste resources on bad user requests.

Ensures Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of the traffic, reporting and robust logging lets you see what’s happening instantly and helps to mitigate the risks immediately.

Auto Updates

WAF includes automatic updates on information about threat signatures, malicious IPs, ToR traffic, OWASP rules, etc. It helps to keep the web application secured all time and perform efficiently for real business users.

Enhancing the Security for VARStreet Platform using WAF (Web Application Firewall)

Equip your VAR business for modern age selling.

Data backup and disaster recovery

VARStreet backs up the complete database at the end of the business day.

Data availability at all times

"Data availability at all times. Data stored in high-performance and persistent SAN storage in RAID configuration."

Disaster recovery

Daily, weekly and monthly backups with off-site backups for disaster recovery.

Export utility

Export your customer information, custom catalog, and all transactions like quotes, carts, sales orders, purchase orders, etc.


Constant monitoring to ensure highest uptime

State-of-the art monitoring software

Our monitoring technology comprises hardware and software probes, agents, applications, and utilities

Health and performance analysis

Designed to provide warning notifications and initiates pre-defined corrective actions and avoidance procedures when thresholds are reached.

Complete visibility

A VARStreet network administrator has complete visibility for the configuration of networking units

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