Onboarding/ Implementation

So now you have taken a decision to purchase VARStreet. What next?

The implementation of VARStreet solutions is an opportunity to apply industry best practices to your business process and achieve optimization. It is a chance for your organization to work collaboratively with a single vision leading to a thriving your work environment and ultimately increased sales.

5 Easy Steps to Implementation at VARStreet

Implementation is team activity where we hand hold you completely until your account is fully implemented. You will have full access to our Implementation engineers via phone and email.

On-boarding process begins as soon as customer signs the contract. Following are stages through which a typical customer on-boarding flows:

Based on our experience with thousands of customers, we strongly believe implementation is best achieved when carried out over a few short phases. By using this phases approach, you will benefit from a structured, organized fashion from set-up to roll-out. You will achieve results quickly and find yourself up and running within days.

  1. Provisioning new Account – Account is provisioned in VARStreet Database for the new customer and a welcome email is sent to the customer to complete the general setup to generate the login credentials.
  2. Kick-Off Call – Kick-off call is scheduled by Sales team with customer and Implementation team to initiate the on-boarding process and handover the account to Implementation team.
  3. On-Boarding – On-Boarding is divided in to two parts – BackOffice and Storefront:
    1. BackOffice Setup:
      1. Company Profile and business rules
      2. Price Lists / Price Rules
      3. Custom Catalog set up & upload
      4. Distributor setup
      5. Customers and contacts
    2. Storefront Setup:
      1. Custom domain/URL setup (If applicable)
        1. VARStreet Generating CSR using customer information
        2. Customer purchasing SSL Certificate
        3. VARStreet Configuring SSL certificate which completes the setup
      2. Store Setup
      3. Store Catalog
      4. Storefront Branding & Customization
  4. Training – VARStreet provides role-based training and we will work with you to get your team equipped to effectively work within their new environment.
    Training is divided in to two sessions, Storefront and BackOffice training.

    1. VARStreet Back-Office – We Cover Site Setup, Custom Catalog, Price Lists, Rules and to create Sales Quotes, Sales Orders and Purchase Orders.
    2. VARStreet Storefront – We cover Store Setup, Store Catalog, Shopping Carts and Store Customization.
  5. On-Boarding Completion – An on-boarding completion call is done with the customer to answer any questions they may have or any further help they may require.