VARStreet Partner Program

Start making extra income by selling VARStreet product

Introduction to our Partner Program

VARStreet is looking out for partners to extend its reach in both US and Canadian markets.
If you sell software to VARs or have worked with VARs and have good knowledge of people and
businesses in this industry, it is a tremendous opportunity to create a new business for yourself that pays
very well. This program will enable you to earn a rewarding compensation in lieu of selling VARStreet products
as per your convenience and scale of business operations.

Why Should You Join?

This is a great way to capitalize on all your past achievements, knowledge and relationship and also get paid very well for the same. Over a period of time, you can gradually build a decent amount of recurring commission, depending on the number of leads you generate or close.

And, there is a bonus too. If during the contract period, VARStreet offers any other one-time professional service to the customers, a certain percentage of the fee shall be transferred to you, in addition to your monthly or quarterly commissions.

Partner Types

You can associate with us through any of the following methods of engagement

Lead Generation

You generate leads from your contacts and forward them to us for closure. Just the name and phone number/e-mail id. Leave the rest to us! We will work towards closing the deal and provide you a monthly commission on closure as long as the customer remains with VARStreet.

End-To-End Sales Partner

"We will train you in selling VARStreet products so that you can close the leads on your own. After you intimate us of the confirmed deal, we will take it forward from where you left off. We will provide the implementation and other support to the customer. You have the flexibility to bill the customer directly or allow VARStreet to do so on a monthly or quarterly commission basis.

Sales & Support Partner

You will be responsible for the entire communication from lead generation to Sales to Implementation and Support. There will be minimal or negligible interference from us, unless the situation demands. We will be with you at each step through to ensure that you have everything that you need in order to be successful

Terms & Conditions

You must communicate all leads to VARStreet via e-mail to qualify for commission. If we allocate the lead in your name, you will get the intimation from us within 24 hours.

The lead generated by you must not be already in active discussion with VARStreet. If the lead generated by you and some other partner is the same, then we will consider the case on a first come first serve basis.

In case the lead provided by you translates into confirmed sales, VARStreet will notify you within 24 hours of the deal.