VARStreet Referral Program

Earn handsomely per customer by joining the free
VARStreet Referral Program

Introduction to our Referral Program

Do you know companies that may benefit from VARStreet products?
If yes, then it is about time you share that knowledge with us and earn handsomely.
Just refer the company to us and we will reward you when the company buys VARStreet
Subscriptions. More you refer, the more you earn. Sounds good, isn’t it?

What can you earn?
MONTHLY FEE < 500 $ One Month Fee of the
account you referred.
One month Fee FREE for your
own account with VARStreet
OR $300 whichever is less
One full month's Fee
MONTHLY FEE > 500 $ 50% of the Monthly Fee or
$500, whichever is higher
for the account you referred
Two Month Fee is FREE for your
own account with VARStreet
OR $500 whichever is less.
50% of the full Month Fee
or $500, whichever is higher.
How does it work?

Referral fees will be calculated on MRR (Monthly Recurring
Revenue) only.

All Referral fees are due only when the Company that is referred
buys VARStreet product

VARStreet will update the Referrer within a week of the contract
signature by the company that was referred

All Referred companies must buy within 6 Months of the date referred.
Referrals will expire after 6 months of the date of reference

VARStreet will qualify the Referral provided and will let the Referrer
know within 2 days of the date of Reference.

VARStreet Referral Program

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