VARStreet Release Note - Version 17.0

Published on Monday, 24th October 2016


Introduced Ability to Calculate Profit on Shipping Charges in Sales Order Level

New fields called ‘Freight Cost’ and ‘Margin’ have been introduced in Sales Order (SO) on Products Tab. The freight cost is the actual shipping cost charged by the distributor to the reseller. The reseller can also update the freight cost on closed SO. These fields are also visible on all the internal previews of SO.

New columns called ‘Freight Cost’ and ‘Freight Margin’ have also been added in Sales Summary Reports for SO.

Use Case - The profit on shipping charges for a particular transaction will now be visible on Margin field of SO Tab.

Note - The user has to enter the freight cost manually in the SO. Only then the profit margin on the shipping charges will be calculated.

Introduced ‘Stock’ field for Configuration

A new field called ‘Stock’ has been introduced in Configuration definition page. By default, the Stock value will be set as 1. The user can modify the stock while updating the configuration. The stock value for each configuration will also be visible on Configuration Listing page.

The visibility of Configuration products on Store will be controlled by ‘Show products in search results whose stock is available’ flag in BO at Store Setup: Search View Page.

Use Case - The reseller can now control the visibility of configuration products on Store using the stock filter under Store Setup. He can also save the stock value of that configuration in the new field added. For instance, the reseller can set the stock value to zero and make it unavailable at the store.

Modifications to Existing Features

Saving Credit Card Billing Address as Billing Address of the cart for Guest Use

Before Release

Previously, the shipping address was being populated as the billing address for guest user carts with payment method as ‘Credit Card’ or ‘Govt. Issued Credit Card’.

After Release

Now for guest user carts with payment method ‘Credit Card’ or ‘Govt. Issued Credit Card’, the system will save credit card billing address as the billing address of the shopping cart and the same will be displayed in the cart confirmation preview page.

Introduced Ability to Edit Bundles in SEWP V Contract Catalo

Before Release

Previously, once a bundle is created and approved in SEWP contract catalog, it could not be edited.

After Release

Now the user can edit the bundle irrespective of the status of the bundle (Waiting for Approval or Approved).

Status of bundle will be changed from ‘Approved’ to ‘Awaiting for Approval’ if SEWP Price, List Price or Item Description is changed.

VARStreet will Auto Generate CLIN No. for same Mfr. Part that is added multiple times in the upload file

Before Release

If a product with same Mfr Part number was added to the upload file while uploading products in contract catalog or in import quote items file while importing products directly into a quote, only the first line item was being uploaded successfully and the rest of the line items were being rejected as Duplicate items.

After Release

Now a new option called ‘Insert All’ has been introduced in Upload Wizard (Contract catalog and Import Quote items). This will enable the user to upload same Mfr. Part multiple times with the unique different CLIN No which will be auto generated for the same Mfr. Part by VARStreet.

Provision to Show Multiple ‘Ship To’ and ‘Bill To’ Addresses for Individual Contacts

Before Release

Previously while creating quotes for individual contacts (Contacts not associated to a Company / Customer), the system did not display multiple ‘Ship To’ and ‘Bill To’ addresses in Terms Tab of Quote / SO. The system was displaying only the default address.

After Release

Now a dropdown list has been added to both ‘Ship To’ and ‘Bill To’ address fields. So now the system will display multiple addresses in dropdown list for individual contacts as well.

Introduced Ability to Send Bundle and Configuration Products to ConnectWise

Before Release

Previously bundles and configuration products were not transferred from VARStreet (VS) to ConnectWise. Only individual products were being sent to ConnectWise.

After Release

Now bundle and configuration products are also being created from VARStreet (VS) to ConnectWise while creating the opportunity in ConnectWise.

Bug Fixes

Unit Cost and List Price of Configuration Product Incorrectly Calculated at BackOffice

Before Release

Previously when a configuration product was added in Cart, its list price and unit cost was not being properly calculated in the BackOffice.

After Release

The issue has been fixed. Now list price and unit cost of configuration product added in cart is now being correctly calculated in the BackOffice.