VARStreet Release Note - Version 17.2

Published on Saturday, 31st December 2016


Introduced ‘Shipping State’ Rule under Approval Workflows

A new approval rule called ‘Shipping State’ has been introduced in Approval Workflows. This helps in sending the Quote/SO/Cart for approval if the Shipping State is defined in Approval Workflow.

To access this rule go to BO>>Admin>>Workflows>>Approval Rule

Use Case - If the user requires approval for shipping products to certain state, he can use this rule. The system will notify the user whenever shipping state entered in Quote/SO/Cart is same as that in Approval Workflow.

Introduced Store Drop Down in Freight Rule for Users with Multiple Stores

A new drop down box called ‘Store’ has been introduced in Freight rule for users with multiple stores in the same BackOffice.

To access this rule go to BO>>Admin>>Rules>>Freight

Use Case - Prior to this change, all the rules were getting assigned only to default store. Now on selecting a particular store in Store dropdown, all the shipment methods which are enabled for that store will be available.

Showing Contract Products on Store for Guest User

Before Release

Previously guest users could not view or browse through contract catalog products on Store unless they login onto the storefront.

After Release

A new dropdown called ‘Contract Catalog’ has been introduced in ‘Store Setup: Store Edit’ page. This will allow guest user to view Contract catalog products on Store without logging into the store.

To access this dropdown go to BO>>eCommerce>>Store>>Setup>>Store Setup: Store View

Use Case - Previously, SEWP customers had to login on to the Store to view their Contract catalog products. Now they can view the products without logging into the Store.

SEWP Related Enhancements

UI Changes in Contract Catalog: Add Product Screen

A new drop down called ‘Catalog’ has been added. The drop down has options like ‘All’, ‘Contract’, ‘Custom’, and ‘VARStreet’. The 3 buttons ‘Both’, ‘VARStreet’, and ‘Custom’ have been removed.

Search results will now display Product Details in the format: ‘part#/SKU, Catalog Name, Status & Brief description of product. In case the product is from Contract Catalog, its status will appear as ‘Waiting for Approval’ or ‘Approved’ in search results. Previously search results were displaying only the Mfr. Part No.

Position of Fields have been rearranged so as to eliminate bifurcation between Contract and Product information

UI Changes in Contract Setup Screen

Removed ‘Contract Type’, and ‘Contract Fee’ fields in SEWP Contract only. These field are available for all other contracts.

Removed ‘Attach file’ and ‘Contract Bid’ feature from all Contracts.

Status field has also been added on the top of the page. It will be editable in edit mode also. Status will be editable from contract only. Status field is also now visible in TR edit link screen through quote.

UI Changes in Contract Catalog: Add Product Screen

Introduced New Field called CLIN Unit (UOM). Previously, this field was in Custom catalog.

UI Changes in Contract Catalog: Add Bundle Screen

List Price/MSRP, Cost and SEWP Price are now drop down fields. The drop down will have two price method options ‘Derived From Items’ and ‘Fixed’. Previously only fixed price bundles could be created.

Two new check boxes ‘Show Detail Items’ and ‘Show Item Prices’ have also been added on the screen.

Re-arranged the position of few fields, e.g. Status, Price & Cost fields, etc.

UI Changes in EOL Product List Page

Removed fields and other options that are not relevant to EOL Products.

Status will not be shown for EOL Product list.

If TR is generated for EOL Products then for such products, status will be shown as ‘Complete’. This will help user to identify EOL products whose TR has been generated.

Removed Upload and Add options as well as ‘Approved’ and ‘Waiting for Approval’ status links from the EOL list.

UI Changes in Contract Quote: ‘Product’ Tab in Quote

User can now edit Manufacturer part, CLIN fields that are present in part Details page for ‘Pending’ parts.

On clicking the ‘Continue’ button, Pending Parts will be sent for TR.

If Manufacturer Part already present in Contract Catalog and it is without CLIN in quote then such parts will be added with new CLIN number in Contract catalog.

UI Changes in Contract Product Listing

SKU has been removed from Contract product catalog listing page.

In case of Bundle if Cost, List Price & SEWP Price is “Derived from Items”, then clicking on ‘View’ link in Contract catalog will allow you to view cost, list price and SEWP price of that bundle which is derived from the summation of components’ price.

Changes in Contract Quote – Added new pop-up to link products to existing CLIN

A new window will pop-up if the products added in SEWP Quote is without a CLIN and already exist in Contract catalog. Previously such products were getting linked directly to existing CLIN in Contract catalog.

The new pop-up window will have a drop down in which the user can either choose ‘Save with Existing CLIN’ or ‘Save as New CLIN’ option.

Upon selecting the ‘Save as New CLIN’ option, new CLIN will be created in Contract Catalog. New CLIN will be auto generated when system applies versioning to CLIN number if CLIN already exists.

In case any other option is selected, the product will be linked to existing CLIN in Contract catalog and its Status, CLIN no, price, MSRP, part description, long description, SEWP price, manufacturer, cost, category, sub category will be replaced in quote irrespective of status of the product in contract catalog.

Modifications to Existing Features

Introduced Asynchronous Behavior of Cart for Guest User

Before Release

Previously asynchronous behavior of cart was applicable only for registered user.

After Release

Asynchronous behavior of cart has now also been implemented for guest user. So now the ‘Create Cart Asynchronously’ flag in Store Setup on Cart Tab will also be applied to Guest users as well.

Introduced a New Template (Layout) in Product Matrix

Before Release

Previously, there was just one product matrix design pattern referred to as ‘Template 1’

After Release

Now a new dropdown field called ‘Template Type’ has been introduced in Widget Details page of Product Matrix. The dropdown will have two options ‘Template 1’ and ‘Template 2’. The ‘Template 2’ option will have a new product matrix design. The user can also now set the ‘Template Type’ from the UI, which was not the case previously.

Now User can Define Questionnaire for all products on the Store

Before Release

Although previously Questionnaire could be created for all products, it could not be defined explicitly since the ‘Select Criteria’ dropdown in Questionnaire Tab had only 2 options viz., Manufacture/Category and Product.

After Release

A third option called ‘Global’ has been added in ‘Select Criteria’ dropdown. Using this ‘Global’ option user can now explicitly define Questionnaire for all products.

Bug Fixes

Unable to View Guest Carts in Back Office without Contact Details

Before Release

Previously in Back Office, users could not view guest carts that did not have any Contact information.

After Release

All the Guest Carts will now open in Preview Mode irrespective of whether Contact details are available on Cart.

Default Distributor not coming as Selected in case of Partial PO

Before Release

In case of Partial PO, the default distributor was not coming as selected whenever creating PO. Also, after creating complete PO, source was coming as non-catalog item in SO preview.

After Release

The issue has been fixed. So now in case of partial PO the default distributor will be coming as selected in the source dropdown. All after creating complete PO, the SO preview will show default distributor in the source dropdown.