VARStreet Release Note - Version 17.4

Published on Saturday, 4th March 2017


Contract Catalog is now available in Store Catalog

Before Release

Previously since Contract catalog was not available in Store catalog, filters related to Brand, Categories/Sub-categories and Products could not be applied to Contract catalog products on store.

After Release

Now Contract catalog is also available in Store Catalog. Store catalog filters of Category, Products and Brands can now be applied for contract catalog products as well.

Use Case - Users can now select the products to be displayed from Contract on Store. Users can also choose the categories/subcategories and the manufacturers of products to be included or excluded from Contract catalog on Store.

System to Display last Sent Mail Status on Quote/SO/Cart/All Transactions Listing Page

The column ‘Mail’ in Quotations, Cart, Sales Orders Listing page will now display the status of mail sent from VARStreet.

In case the mail has been successfully sent to the recipient, then the system will display ‘Sent’ in the listing page.

If the mail fails to be sent from VARStreet, the system will display ‘Failed’ along with the reason of failure in the tooltip.

A note has been added on the ‘Send’ Tab of the Quote and SO that will advise the user of the maximum size document allowed as an attachment.

SEWP Releated Enhancement

Users can now Edit TR Details in Contract Quote for Products with Pending Status

Before Release

Previously, a warning message was being displayed whenever user tried to open ‘Edit TR Details’ link in Contract Quotes for products with Pending Status. This was applicable for products which already existed in contract quote without a CLIN No. Users could edit TR Details only for products with ‘Waiting for Approval’ status.

After Release

Now upon clicking ‘Edit TR Details’ link, a new window will pop-up if the products added in SEWP Quote is without a CLIN and already exist in Contract catalog. User can either pick the product with existing CLIN or add it with a New CLIN. After choosing either option, the user will be redirected to ‘Edit TR’ window.

User can now setup Stock quantity for any product in UI for SEWP Contract Store

A new field called ‘Stock’ has been introduced in Contract Catalog on “Add Product” and Contract catalog “Edit” Product page.

Use Case - Now users can manually enter stock (quantity) for the product in Contract Catalog.

Enhancements to CRM Module

Introduced New User defined Field (UDF) called 'Date and Time' in CRM Module

A new user defined field (UDF) called ‘Date and Time’ has been introduced in CRM module. The maximum length of this field is 30 characters. The field has also been added in Column Chooser. So now user can add this UDF in ‘Lead’ and ‘Opportunities’ listing page.

Modifications to Existing Features

Sequence of Products in Sell Rules on Store to be the same as defined in BackOffice

Before Release

Previously the products in the Sell Rules were displayed randomly under ‘Suggestions’ section on Store.

After Release

Now the products defined in Sell Rules will display in the same sequence as they were uploaded / added in BackOffice on store.

VARStreet to provide rich content for Contract Products on Request

Before Release

Previously, linking of contract catalog products to Distributor feed for fetching rich content including images and technical specifications was not available.

After Release

Now the Contract catalog products can be linked to custom catalog or distributor feed to fetch the rich content (Images, Description, and Technical Specification). However, this is available only on reseller’s request.