VARStreet Release Note - Version 17.5

Published on Saturday, 8th April 2017


Introduced Ability to Update Multiple Custom Catalog Products through Upload

Before Release

Previously, the user could update custom catalog products one at a time through BO application only.

After Release

A new link called ‘Update Custom Catalog’ has been added in Upload Wizard: Custom Catalog Screen. This will allow user to update multiple custom catalog products at once. However, it is mandatory to enter the product SKU# and map the attributes (cost, price etc.) in order to update them.

Introduced Ability to Rearrange Sequence of ‘Sell Rule’ Products

A sequence / Order number has been introduced for each product in ‘Sell Rules’ Listing Page. The Sort-order field is a dropdown for each item in the product list. Using the dropdown, the user can change the order of item in the ‘Alternate’ and ‘Add-on’ list. Any changes in order will be visible on the Store as well as in Back Office.

Now User can view Quote/Cart/Sales Order on Listing Page Irrespective of their Status

A new option called ‘All’ has been introduced in ‘Status’ dropdown box on Quote/Cart/Sales Order Listing Page.

Use Case - Selecting ‘All’ option will allow user to view Quote/Cart/Sales Order on Listing Page irrespective of their status.

Introduced Ability to Activate/Deactivate Distributor Account

A new flag called ‘Activate’ has been introduced on Distributor Setup page

To access this flag go to BO>>Admin>>Distributor

Use Case - With the help of this flag, the user can now mark any distributor as active or inactive without removing the distributor details.

Now SEWP Users can add RFQ Variable in Contract Quote Mail

A new variable called RFQ has been introduced in Send Tab of SEWP Quote. This variable will help to automatically add RFQ number in the email subject line and body.

Use Case - Previously the SEWP user had to manually add the RFQ number in contract quote mail. Now upon clicking RFQ variable, it will be automatically loaded in the mail body.

Modifications to Existing Features

Products of Confirmed Cart or Quote will now be visible in ‘Recently Ordered’ list on Store Dashboard

Before Release

Previously, the ‘Recently Ordered’ list under ‘My Account’ on Store Dashboard displayed details of products that were added in Cart or Quote.

After Release

Now the ‘Recently Ordered’ list on Store Dashboard will show details of the last 25 ordered products of confirmed Cart or Quote only.

System to Display Message for Products added in Asynchronous Cart

Before Release

Previously whenever a product was added in an asynchronous cart, the system would refresh the screen and update the item in the cart.

After Release

Now whenever a product is added in an asynchronous cart, a message will be displayed on the screen indicating that the product has been added to cart successfully.

Now System will Validate for Duplicate Discount Rules through Upload

Before Release

Previously, the user could upload duplicate discount rules as there was no validation to check for duplicate data.

After Release

Now the system will check for duplication of discount rules before upload. This will prevent user from uploading duplicate rules.

On Store, Submit Button will be Disabled on Questionnaire pop-up when Questions are not Mandatory

Before Release

Previously, the Submit button on questionnaire pop-up was always enabled. That is why the end customer could submit the questionnaire even without answering any questions.

After Release

Now the Submit button in questionnaire pop-up will remain disabled unless and until the end customer answers any question.

Global Rule Questionnaire pop-up to Appear only Once when adding Products on Cart

Before Release

Previously Global rule questionnaire pop-up was getting displayed for all products added in Cart.

After Release

Now, global rule questionnaire pop-up will get displayed only once when adding products on Cart.

Now Product Catalog File can be Exported in CSV Format through SEO Export

Before Release

Previously, user could export his product catalog only in Tab Delimited (txt) file format.

After Release

Now, user can export his product catalog in either .txt or csv file format. Moreover, the ‘Catalog’ and ‘Price List’ dropdown are now mandatory fields.

General Bug Fixes

Product Description not getting Displayed Properly on Store

Before Release

Previously, the product description on product Matrix, product details page etc., was appearing along with HTML tags on the tooltip whenever hovering the cursor over the product image on Store.

After Release

The issue has been fixed. The product description will now appear properly in the tooltip whenever hovering the cursor over the product image on Store.

Unable to Click ‘0-9’ Filters under View All Brands Page on Store

Before Release

Previously, ‘All’ and ‘0-9’ filters under View All Brands Page on Store were not clickable. Moreover, the system was displaying Numerical as well as Alphabetical Brands list separately. Also, by default the system was displaying brands that were starting from letter ‘A’.

After Release

Now ‘All’ and ‘0-9’ filters are clickable under ‘View all Brands’ Page on Store. Also, the Alphabetical and Numerical Brands list will now be displayed in a single list. Moreover, by default, the system will display all brands on the page.

Unable to Edit Login Notification Message Field at BackOffice

Before Release

Previously, user could not save login notification message with single quotation marks.

After Release

Now the system will allow the user to save login notification message using single quotation marks. The system will also display the number of characters remaining to be added in the field. By default, system will display 250 characters remaining.