VARStreet Release Note - Version 17.6

Published on Saturday, 13th MAY 2017


Document-type selected by a User in document listing page will now be remembered to list the documents.

Now whenever a logged-in user choses any document-type from dropdown boxes on Listing page (Select Store, Status, View Documents), it will be remembered until the next change.

Option to reset document-type selected has also been introduced on the Page, which will allow the user to reset to default selection.

Functionality to remember Document-type selected by a user will be applicable to the following Listing Pages

  • Quote
  • Sales Order
  • Purchase Order
  • Invoices
  • Customer Cart
  • Guest Carts
  • Customer/Contact
  • All Transactions
  • Store Catalog
  • Price List
  • Order Dashboard
  • Awaiting Approval in Quote
  • Awaiting Approval in Sales order
  • Awaiting Approval in Purchase order
  • Store Messages

Log has been Added under Ecommerce Store Setup Section

Log has been added on Ecommerce Store Setup Page. Any fields or settings changed in Store, Registration, Search, SEO, Display, and Cart, will be automatically saved in Log. The user has to click Log icon in order to view the details.

Use Case - Log will help user to keep track of all changes that were made under Ecommerce Store Setup.

Users now has the ability to Define Listing Order of categories in category Matrix Widget

A new option called ‘Custom Order’ has been introduced in ‘Order By’ Dropdown box for Category Matrix Widget.

To access this flag go to BO>>eCommerce>>Store>>Customization>>Widget Manager>>Category Matrix>>Edit>>Order by>>Custom Order

Use Case - This will allow the user to define their own category order in Category Matrix Widget.

Introduced New Flag which gives the ability to control Questionnaire pop-up to display either on Product Details Page or Shopping Cart

A new flag called ‘Show on Product Details Page’ has been introduced in Questionnaire tab under Ecommerce Store setup which allows the users to control where the questionnaire should be displayed. When the flag is disabled, the system will prevent the popup from appearing on Product Details Page on Store, it will only display in the shopping cart.

To access this flag go to BO>>eCommerce>>Store>>Setup>>Edit>>Questionnaire>>Show on Product Details Page

Use Case - Now user can decide whether to display the Questionnaire in product details page or only in shopping cart.

Introduced Ability to Edit Specification Heading (Spec Head) of Custom Catalog Products

Before Release

Previously, if a user had to edit a Spec. Head, he had to first delete it and then create a new one.

After Release

System now allows the user to edit existing Spec. Head. A textbox will now appear on clicking Spec. head link. The Spec. Head will be updated once the user clicks on ‘Save’ button.

Additional Email id field for a User’s profile

A new field called ‘Secondary Email’ has been introduced in User Profile in ‘Personal Details’ Section. The user can enter multiple Email-Ids in this field separated by a colon.

To access this field go to BO>>Admin>>Users>>User Name>>Flag

Use Case - Any notifications received by the user, will also be copied to other Email-Ids entered in ‘Secondary Email’ field.

Now User can view transaction of other users in reports.

Before Release

Previously user could not view transaction of other users in the reports.

After Release

Introduced new privilege which allows a user to view transactions of others users. If ‘Can “User Name” View Reports’ flag is checked for a user in their user profile, it will allow the user to view transaction of other users in Reports.

Modifications to Existing Features

Now File Name of the Document (Quote/SO/Cart) sent via mail to be appended with Contact Name

Before Release

Previously, the document (Quote/SO/Cart) sent via mail to the Contact was identified only by a Document number.

After Release

Now Contact Name will be added to Document name, in addition to the Document number. The Contact name will be the name of the person for whom the Document is generated.

Discount Coupons can be applied only to Shopping Cart

Before Release

Previously discount coupon could be applied to quotes and carts from which they are requesting for quote.

After Release

Now discount coupon will be applied only to shopping cart. In case the user tries to apply discount coupon to quotes or carts from which they are requesting for quote, user will be prompted with a message that discount coupon cannot be applied to a quote.

User can now Attach Documents to any transactions (Quote/SO/PO) being sent for Approval in BackOffice

Before Release

Previously there was no provision to attach documents to any transactions (Quote/SO/PO) that were sent for approval.

After Release

Now the user can attach documents to any transactions (Quote/SO/PO) that require approval while sending it for approval. The attachments can also be marked as internal which will only be send to approver. Once the transaction is approved, the attachments marked as internal will not be emailed out to customers.

General Bug Fixes

SO not Searchable using Title in SO Listing Page

Before Release

Previously, SO could not be searched by Title in SO Listing Page

After Release

The issue has been fixed. Now SO can be searched using SO title in SO Listing Page.

Listing Order Changes made in Category Matrix Widget were not reflecting on Store

Before Release

Previously changing order in Category Matrix Widget to ascending or descending was not getting reflected on Store.

After Release

The issue has been fixed with order changes made in Category Matrix Widget at BO now getting correctly reflected on Store.