VARStreet Release Note - Version 17.7

Published on Saturday, 10th JUNE 2017


Edit Logs for SEO, Notification & Questionnaire tabs under Ecommerce Store Setup

Before Release

Previously edit / update logs for SEO, Notification and Questionnaire were not available under Ecommerce Store Setup.

After Release

Now edit / update logs have been introduced for SEO, Notification and Questionnaire under Ecommerce Store Setup.

Use Case - This will allow the user to keep track of all changes that were made in SEO, Notification and Questionnaire Tabs.

Introduced New Report called ‘Part Fulfillment’ under Purchasing

A new report called ‘Part Fulfillment’ has been introduced under Purchasing. This report helps you track the time taken to process an order until it has been shipped.

The Report will contain the following columns:

  • Cart#
  • Year Cart Created
  • Month Cart Created
  • Date Cart Created
  • Order#
  • Date SO Created
  • From cart to sales order creation (# hours)
  • PO#
  • Date PO process initiated
  • From sales order to PO process initiation (# hours)
  • Date PO sent to distributor / vendor
  • From PO process initiation to PO sent to distributor/vendor (# hours)

Use Case - This report will help user identify the amount of time taken for processing the order.

Modifications to Existing Features

Removed “Show all rows” option & Column level filtering on all the transactions (Quote/Order) Listing pages

Now ‘Show all Rows’ option & Column Level Filtering will no longer be available on all transactions (Quote/Cart/Sales Order).

Performance Optimization of Quote

Before Release

Large Quotes with more than 150 items were taking longer to load in Products Tab. The general performance of the products Tab in a quote was found to be slow if there are 100+ items.

After Release

VARStreet has done certain changes to improve the performance of the products tab in the quote. The quote is now 20% faster than before.

General Bug Fixes

E-mail id field goes Blank when updating “My Profile” Page on Store

Before Release

Previously, the E-mail field in “My Profile” page on the store, would go blank while a user was trying to update any fields in their profile.

After Release

The issue has now been fixed. The E-Mail field will not be blank and display the email id of the user which already exist in VARStreet and the user will not be prompted with the email id missing error under “My Profile” page on store.

Fixed Issue with Weight based Freight Rule

Before Release

While calculating freight charges per line item, using weight based freight rule with ‘Calculation Basis’ set as ‘Flat’, the product weight was not taking the Qty of the product into consideration and showing freight only for one quantity of the item.

After Release

The issue has been fixed. Now product weight will be multiplied by the Quantity of each line item.

Freight was not being displayed for Products with Multiple Qty.

Before Release

Freight amount was not being calculated for line items with multiple Qty specially if the combined weight of all the Qty exceeded 150 lbs.

After Release

The issue has been fixed, now the system considers each Qty of the product to calculate freight. Even if the combined weight of all the Qty of the products exceeds 150 lbs.