VARStreet Release Note - Version 17.8

Published on Saturday, 15th JULY 2017


User can now create Discount Coupon by Customer

Before Release

Previously there was no provision to create discount coupon by Customer. Also, there was no provision to select “Apply Once” flag “By Customer” or “By Contact”.

After Release

Users can now create discount coupon by customer(s) and also can select “Apply Once” flag “By Customer” or “By Contact”. If apply once “By Customer” is selected then discount coupon will apply only once in transaction to the Customer. If any one of the contact in customer uses the discount coupon in transaction then it will not be available to other contacts of customer.

To access this new feature go to BO>>Admin>>Discount Coupon>>Coupon Code

Use Case - This will help in defining customer specific discount coupon which can be available only for selected customers / contacts in VS

Introduced new payment gateway (CC Authorizer) “Principle Payment”.

VARStreet has added a new payment gateway (CC Authorizer) “Principle Payment” which user can now use for processing credit cards.

Introduced “Attach HTML” & “Attach PDF” option in “RequestForQuote” notification template.

Introduced “Attach HTML” & “Attach PDF” option in “RequestForQuote” notification template. On setting this option, users will receive HTML / PDF copy of Quote once the customer requests for a Quote on Store.

Introduced new flag “Prompt Questions to user only once” in Global Questionnaire.

Before Release

Previously Global Questionnaire was popping up for every product added separately in the Shopping Cart.

After Release

Introduced new flag “Prompt Questions to user only once” in Global Questionnaire. If this flag is checked, then system will prompt all the global questions for all the products just once

Modifications to Existing Features

Removed “Show all rows” & Column level filtering on following listing pages,

  • All Transactions
  • Order Management
  • Order Approval List
  • Quote Approval List
  • PO Approval List
  • Contact List
  • Customer List
  • Invoices
  • Store Catalog
  • Price Lists
  • Store Messages

Now “Show all rows” has been removed since it was degrading the performance of the system for populating longer list of transactions. The filtering logic has been improved to handle quick search instead of looking at the longer lists.

Introduced filtering drop-downs on following transaction listing pages:

VARStreet has introduced new drop-downs for Status and list of documents

  • Open, Close and All in Order Management Dashboard & All Transactions module
  • “My Documents” and “All Documents” in Invoices/Purchase Orders / Quotations: Awaiting Approval / Sales Orders: Awaiting Approval / Purchase Orders: Awaiting Approval / Guest Carts / Store Messages modules.

Use Case - It will help user to see all open and close transactions together if needed. Also, a user’s selection in drop down will remain sticky on above listing pages.

Removed ‘GROUP’ from Store Catalog.

Since ‘Groups’ is not considered in applying filter for categories in store catalog, we have removed ‘GROUP’ from Store Catalog. Now we will only have Categories and Sub-Categories in Store Catalog.

Added an option called “$ off on Unit Price” in calculation basis field for product based discount coupon.

While creating discount coupon user should be able to create a product based discount rule with “Flat OFF on Unit Price”.

Updated Display Message when a Quote / Cart is copied on the store

After copying Quote/Cart/Order on store, system will now display a message “Quote/Cart/Order successfully copied” and message will have a link, which will redirect the user to copied document. E.g. “Cart copied successfully to CART# SS-111 Go to Cart”

Use Case - On copying Quote/Cart/Order on store, message was not clear and customer(s) were not able to understand where to look for newly created document.

Added “Confirmed date” filter in addition to Period filter on “Confirmed Quotes/Carts” report.

Now user can also apply ‘Confirmed Date’ filter in ‘Confirmed Quote/Carts’ report to generate the data.

Increased Length of “Notification Message” in Approval Rules.

Before Release

Previously, system was not allowing user to enter “Notification Message” above 250 characters.

After Release

Now user can enter “Notification Message” up to 1000 characters.

General Bug Fixes

Not able to assign Outside Sales Rep. to Inside Sales Reps. in VARStreet.

Before Release

Due to browser compatibility issue, users were unable to assign outside sales rep using Chrome or Mozilla browser to inside sales reps.

After Release

We have fixed the compatibility issue. Now user will be able to assign outside sales rep using Chrome / Mozilla / Internet Explorer.

Performance optimization of Quote.

Before Release

General performance of Quote products tab was found to be slow if quote has more than 150 line items and while navigating the tabs.

After Release

The performance of the large Quote have been improved significantly.