VARStreet Release Note - Version 17.9

Published on Saturday, 12th AUG 2017


Now Label Text for ‘Out of Stock’ Products on Responsive Store is Customizable

A new label called ‘Out of Stock’ has been introduced in ‘Customize Labels’ section under Store Setup for Responsive Store.

To access this Label go to BO>>eCommerce>>Store>>Setup>>Responsive Store>>Display>>Customize Labels

Use Case - Previously there was no provision to customize Label text for ‘Out of Stock’ products. Now user can customize text as appropriate to their needs for ‘Out of Stock’ products for Responsive Store.

Introduced Ability to Edit Bundle Component Price in SEWP Contract Catalog and Quote

User can now edit the price of bundle component in SEWP Contract Catalog as well as SEWP Quote.

  • If the price method of Bundle is ‘Derived from Items’ and if the sum of component prices increases the price of the bundle, then Bundle status will be changed to “Waiting for Approval”
  • On Quote, If Bundle’s price method is “Derived from Items” then the unit price will be non-editable.
  • If user changes price of components, on click of “Continue” or “Recalculate”, system will recalculate Bundle Prices and update the status of bundles accordingly.

Use Case - If the pricing of the component in the bundle is not the same for every bundle, the user can always edit the pricing of the component in the bundle as per his requirements

Modifications to Existing Features

Introduced CART reference link on RFQ quote.

Before Release

Previously, user did not know from which cart the quote was requested on the store.

After Release

Now cart number with hyperlink is displayed in the quote created from a cart when a customer hits “Request for Quote” button in a shopping cart. The user can click on the cart number to preview the cart as well.

Introduced Ability to Edit Product Description in Product Matrix Widget on Responsive Store.

Before Release

Previously the Description of the product in Product Matrix Widget on Responsive Store was non-editable.

After Release

Now users can edit product description in product matrix widget. It will allow user to enter description up to 100 characters.

Increased character limit of “Remarks” field in Customer & Contact.

Before Release

Previously, the character limit of ‘Remarks’ field in Customer & Contact was up to 255 characters

After Release

  • Now character limit of “Remarks” field has been increased from 255 to 4000 characters in Customer & Contact profile.
  • The Label of ‘Remarks’ field has been changed to ‘Notes’ in Customer & Contacts.
  • On customer and contact listing page, first 100 characters of the notes will be displayed. Complete notes will be displayed in tool tip when a user hovers over the notes section.

Introduced Following Features in Product Configurator

  • Ability to hide / show manufacturer part of components in a configurator.
  • Allow user to edit description of components in a configurator.
  • Added new field to define “Maximum Quantity” at sub group level, which will restrict user from adding products / components above specified quantity.

General Bug Fixes

PO number on Sales Order listing Page was not clickable.

Before Release

PO number was not clickable on Sales Order Listing Page as per permission assigned to a user.

After Release

The issue has been fixed with the PO number now clickable on Sales Order Listing Page as per permission assigned to a user.

Tracking information not showing on Responsive Store.

Before Release

The tracking details were not visible in Sales Order on Responsive Store.

After Release

We have fixed the issue, now if tracking details are available at line item level, it will show against those respective line items, and if available at header level it will show at Order Level on Order Preview.