VARStreet Release Note - Version 18.0

Published on Saturday, 23rd SEP 2017


Introduced new field “SS Part” for SEWP V contract product(s).

Before Release

Previously for SEWP Contract, ‘SS Part’ field was available only for bundles.

After Release

Now ‘SS Part’ field is also available for SEWP Contract product(s) as well.

Enhancements in Configuration Product.

Following new changes has been done to Configuration functionality in VS:

  • Components price will be editable. E.g. some products can be sold at a different price as part of the configurable bundle and some services can be offered free of charge only as part of the configurable bundle.
  • Introduced “Type” within Sub Group. E.g. In some cases like hard drive user can give option of two different types of hard drives which he wants to further define under a sub-group.
  • System will display “Included in Price” label for components which are already included in configuration instead of displaying actual price of components. For the remaining components, it will display the difference of the price between included item and non-included items.

Integration with HP for Rich Content

VARStreet is now integrated with HP Syndicate program for getting rich content for HP products in VARStreet. The rich content for products along with its technical specs will be displayed in product Overview tab of products in BackOffice and Storefront.

Introduced a new flag while saving Approval Workflow Notification.

Before Release

Previously ‘Approval Workflow Notification’ message was sent to primary and secondary email-id.

After Release

Now a new flag called “Send a notification to secondary email id defined at Sales Rep” has been introduced while saving Approval Workflow Notification.

Use Case - If “Send a notification to secondary email id defined at Sales Rep” flag is checked and if a user in VS has secondary email id defined in their profile, then only the approval workflow notifications will be sent to the secondary email id.

Introduced “Subscribe” option on store’s user registration page.

Introduce a new flag called “I wish to receive email campaign, newsletter, special offers.” on store registration page for a new user who is trying to register on the store.

Use Case - The new flag has been introduced so that the user can opt-in or opt-out from receiving marketing emails. If a user doesn’t select the flag, then it will be saved as opt-out for marketing emails.

Introduces SEO features for Responsive Store.

The SEO tab along with provision for SEO features has been introduced for responsive store. It will include following features related to SEO of the store:

  • Under Store setup, introduced new tab called “SEO”.
    • SEO tab, user can set website verification keys for Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex.
    • In SEO tab, user can add custom scripts. E.g. Analytics scripts, eCommerce tracking scripts, etc.
  • Under Store customization, for every custom page, user can now add Meta Tags and keywords.

Modifications to Existing Features

Changes in SEWP V Contract module

The manufacturer and category mapping will now work independently. This allows you to create MFR Mapping without having to create Category mapping or vice-versa.

Display discontinued icon for bundle components on Quote/Cart/Sales Order in BackOffice.

A red “i” icon will now be displayed in Quote/Cart/Sales Order against components of a bundle or configuration when the components are discontinued or no longer available.

Cost Source drop down will not be available in Price Rules in case of derived pricelist.

If a price list is derived from another price list, then System will display label ‘Cost will be same as “Price” of the product from base price list referred.’ This is because the Cost Source drop down will not be available for derived pricelist.

Changes in Email Server Setup.

Now the ‘Office 365’ and ‘Others’ option in ‘Type’ dropdown in e-mail server setup have been renamed as ‘Single User Authentication’ & ‘Multi User Authentication’ respectively

  • Single User Authentication – The Quotes, Carts, SO and PO sent from VS will use same SMTP details for authenticating emails sent by all VARStreet users.
  • Multi User Authentication – Emails server needs to be setup for each user in VS. In addition to setting SMTP for each user, we have now given the provision to define SMTP for non-VARStreet users as well. Foe e.g. If you have set email id for sending out registration emails, now you have the ability to set SMTP for as well which may not be a user’s email id in VS.

While defining special pricing for products, the “Effective to” & “Effective From” dates will be mandatory.

  • To prevent duplicate records from being created in Special Pricing, the “Effective to” & “Effective From” dates has been made mandatory. User can define more than one special price for the same products but with different date range.
  • By default, system will populate current date in “Effective From” field & plus 10 years will be populated in “Effective To” date field.

General Bug Fixes

Issues in Quick Link widget.

Before Release

System was not displaying name of category & subcategory in Quick Link Widget

Store catalog filter was not getting applied on Quick Link widget.

After Release

System will display name of category & subcategory in Quick Link Widget.

Store catalog filter will get applied on Quick Link widget.