VARStreet Release Note - Version 18.4

Published on Saturday, 17th Feb 2018


VARStreet is now integrated with Moneris Payment Gateway

VARStreet is now integrated with Moneris. Moneris has been introduced as a new CC Authorizer for both US and Canada users. VARStreet users can now use Moneris payment gateway for processing their Debit and Credit card payment.

To use Moneris Payment gateway go to ->
BO>>Admin>>Account Profile>>CC Authorizer>>Moneris Payments

VARStreet is now integrated with MaxMind Fraud Detection Service

VARStreet is now integrated with MaxMindbs minFraud service. It is a fraud detection service that provides data to prevent online fraud and reduce manual review. The minFraud service provides real-time fraud analysis, post-query alerts, and data points to a user to take informed decision before charging a Credit Card. VARStreet users can now benefit from extensive data provided by minFraud Network.

Displaying Invoices on Responsive Store

Invoices are now being displayed on Responsive store as well, under My Account b My Documents section for those customer that it has been activated.

PS: The invoices are available on store if bInvoiceb feature is activated for your VARStreet account and provided your VARStreet account is integrated with your accounting application where you generate the invoices.

Introduced New Fields in Tracking Details Screen

System will now allow user to add bShipped Quantityb, bShipped Dateb, bShipped Weightb, bShipment Amountb, bBack-Order Quantityb & bETAb while adding tracking details. All these fields are now visible in BackOffice and Storefront to end customer for better item tracking.

To view these new fields go to ->
BO>>Purchasing>>Order Status>>Upload Tracking Details>>Upload Wizard Tracking Details

Modifications to Existing Features

Tax to be calculated as per the tax percentage defined at customer or contact level

Before Release

Previously, Tax was calculated based on Business rules even if tax percentage was defined at Contact level / Customer level.

After Release

If tax percentage is defined at contact level / customer level then priority will always be given to contact / customer level settings for calculating Tax irrespective of bCalculate Tax Onb flag set in Business rules.

If tax percentage not defined at Contact level then system will look at tax percentage defined for Customer and if tax is not available in Customer then Tax will get calculated based on Business rules settings.

Added new prompt for user while adding additional address in address book from shopping cart.

Before Release

Previously, by default new shipping address on Shopping Cart was being saved at Contact level only. As a result, shipping address was not available for all Contacts under one Customer.

After Release

While saving new Shipping address system on Shopping Cart will prompt the message as "Make this address available to all store users at your company?" with Yes and No options.

  • If user selects bYesb then this address will be saved at Customer level and will be available to all the Contacts.
  • If user selects bNob then address will be saved at Contact level.

PS: This feature is available only if new bAddress Bookb feature is bonb for your account.

General Bug Fixes

Displaying carrier logos in freight comparison which were not allowed

Before Release

After clicking on compare freight, all the carriers logos were being displayed, even the ones which were not allowed

After Release

When user will click on "Compare Freight charges" on the shopping cart, it will only display logos of allowed Shipment Carrier(s).

Mandatory fields were not being validated in a cart

Before Release

Previously, the mandatory fields were not being validated in a shopping cart if a user moves forward in the cart using the tabs in a shopping cart.

After Release

On clicking on Tabs of Shopping Cart, System will now validate the mandatory fields and save the details while moving forward in the cart.

HTML code was being displayed on items page while loading the Cart

Before Release

After adding products into a cart, when a user clicks on bView Shopping Cartb, HTML codes were being displayed in the shopping cart, which would ultimately disappear once the cart is loaded completely.

After Release

The issue has been fixed. HTML code is no longer displayed while loading a cart.

Key Customer Activity index on dashboard was displaying incorrect margin percentage.

Before Release

Key Customer activity index on dashboard in BackOffice was displaying incorrect margin percentage.

After Release

The issue has now been fixed and the correct margin percentage is now being displayed on the dashboard in BackOffice.

Comments entered in a cart was not visible to approver while approving the cart

Before Release

Comments entered by Requester in a cart and sent for approval, were not visible to approver when the cart was being routed for approval.

After Release

The issue has been fixed and the comments are visible to approver at the time of approving the cart.