VARStreet Release Note - Version 18.5

Published on Saturday, 24th March 2018


Introduced 3D Secure Fraud Prevention service for Moneris Payment Gateway

3D Secure Fraud prevention service has been introduced for Moneris payment gateway. It provides additional security layer for online credit card transactions

VARStreet is now Integrated with Stripe Payment Gateway

VARStreet is now integrated with Stripe payment gateway. Stripe has been introduced as a new Credit Card Authorizer for both US and Canada users. VARStreet users can now use Stripe payment gateway for accepting Debit and Credit card payment.

To use Stripe Payment gateway go to ->
BO>>Admin>>Account Profile>>CC Authorizer>>Stripe Payments

Introduced Ability to Change / Update Product Content for VARStreet Catalog products

A new option has been introduced in VARStreet which will now allow VARStreet users to edit product content and upload images for VARStreet catalog products.

Users can access this new feature under ‘eCommerce’ tab, Product content that can be added or edited include:

  • SEO Details
  • Product Details

In the SEO Details, the user can add or edit

  • Page Information (Page Title and Page URL)
  • Meta Tag Information (Name and Properties)

In the Product Details, the user can add or edit:

  • Product Images
  • Product Title
  • Product Description

Use Case - This will allow user to update / optimize product content of VARStreet catalog for SEO or other business requirements.

Introduced new Store Notification for Store login (Responsive Store)

Whenever a customer logs into the Responsive store, a notification will be sent to the sales rep associated with the customer. This functionality is controlled by 2 flags, ‘Notify Sales Person on Customer Login’ flag which is under Ecommerce Store Setup and the second flag is at the customer level called ‘Notify Sales Person on Customer Login’

In case the user doesn’t want to receive login notification of a specific customer, they can deactivate the second flag at Customer level.

A new template has also been introduced for this Notification Email in ‘Notification Tab’ under Store Setup for Responsive store.

In SEWP Contract, List Price can now be either ‘Derived from Item price’ or ‘Derived from Items List Price’.

A new option called ‘Derived from Item Price’ has been introduced in List Price field of SEWP Contract Catalog

The existing label ‘Derived from Items’ has been replaced by ‘Derived from Items List Price’

Modifications to Existing Features

Ability to delay the rotating time of images in Banner widget

Before Release

Previously, there was no provision to change the rotating time of banner images in a banner widget

After Release

A new field called ‘Autoplay Speed (In Sec)’ has been introduced in Banner Widget which will allow the users to delay rotating time for the images.

To access this field go to-->
BO>>eCommerce>>Store>>Customization>>rStore>>Widgets>>Banner>>Autoplay Speed

Use Case - User can now adjust the delay time of each banner image in a Banner widget as per their requirements. The time interval between each slide can be set to 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 seconds.

Product Title on Product Details Page is now in H1 Tag

Before Release

Previously, Product Titles on store were in H4 Tags which was not very SEO friendly

After Release

Now Product titles on store is in H1 Tag. This will make product titles more SEO friendly.

Cost Center field has been moved to ‘Payment Details’ page of a Cart on Responsive Store

Before Release

Previously, Cost Center field was on Billing/Shipping Page of a shopping cart on Responsive Store.

After Release

Cost Center field had been moved to Payment Details Page of Responsive Store.

Note -> Document level Cost Center flag has to be set in Back Office in order to view the field in Payment Details page of Responsive store.

Now all Contacts registered through Responsive Store can be Set as Admin

Before Release

Previously user had to specifically grant Admin Privilege for every Contact registered through Responsive store

After Release

A new flag called ‘Contact to be Created as Admin’ has been introduced in Store Setup of Responsive Store, if this flag is checked, every new contact registered on store will be added as an ‘Admin’.

To access this flag go to ->
BO>>eCommerce>>Store>>Setup>>rStore>>Registration>>Contact to be Created as Admin

Reset Password option on Responsive Store made Easier

Before Release

Previously, customer had to go to ‘My Profile’ under ‘My Accounts’ section on Responsive Store to change their password

After Release

New additional option called ‘Change Password’ has been introduced under User Name to reset the password.

Now User can change the Label for “Discount” in Transactions on Responsive Store

A new field called ‘Label for Discount on Transactions’ has been introduced in Store Setup of Responsive Store. This will allow user to set custom label for “Discount”, which will be displayed on Cart and Quote on Responsive Store

Also, system will now display combined amount for Discount and Discount Coupon when applicable.

Use Case - Now User can assign custom labels like ‘Special Offer’ or ‘Save’ for Discount on Transactions.

General Bug Fixes

Special Character were displayed in Product Overview on Responsive Store.

Before Release

On Responsive store, system was displaying special character in product overview.

After Release

We have fixed this issue. Now the special characters are properly handled and will be displayed correctly on Responsive store.

On Responsive store, line item cost center was not being displayed.

Before Release

Line item level cost center was not being displayed on Responsive Store

After Release

Cost center field is now properly displayed at line item level for Responsive Store.

Payment method filter in Advance search was not being applied to search result

Before Release

Searching for transaction using Payment method filter in advanced search, was not displaying any result.

After Release

The issue has been fixed with the payment method filter of Advance Search, now a user can find transactions using payment method filter.

Users were able to register on Responsive Store even if Registration on Store was turned off

Before Release

Previously, users were able to register on responsive store even if the registration on store was turned off under store setup.

After Release

The issue has been fixed. Now users will not be able to register on store if registration is not allowed.