VARStreet Release Note - Version 18.6

Published on Saturday, 28th April 2018


Legal terms pop-up now available for rStore at the time of logging in to the store

We have introduced Legal Terms for rStore. Resellers can now define the legal terms which the customer can accept at the time of logging in to the store. Upon checking ‘Show Legal Terms’ flag under store Setup, the legal terms pop-up will be available to all rStore customers at the time of logging in to the store. Legal terms is accepted only once by the customer at the time of their first login

To access this flag go to ->
BO>>eCommerce>>Store>>Setup>>rStore>>Display>>Show Legal Terms

Now Admin User can View all Transactions of Other Users on rStore

A new flag called ‘Show all transactions to Admin’ has been introduced under rStore Setup and at Customer Level.

If this flag is checked, admin user can view all transactions (Carts/Quotes/Orders) created by other users under his Company/Customer

To access this flag go to ->
BO>>eCommerce>>Setup>>rStore>>Display>>Show all transactions to Admin.

Localization changes in VS BackOffice and rStore for UK customers

Done few changes in VARStreet (BO and Store) for UK customer as per UK standards. Following changes has been done:

  • Changed address format in BackOffice and store as per UK standards
  • Introduced GMT and BST time zones for UK customers
  • Changes in dimensions units from inches to cms and weight measure from pounds to KG for UK resellers.
  • Introduced Stripe payment gateway for UK customers.
  • Introduced sterling pound currency in BackOffice and storefront

Now VARStreet rStore supports to and fro cXML PunchOut

Now, customer can punchout to the rStore of the supplier’s site. The PunchOut customer gets direct access to the Supplier’s web-based catalog. After adding products into the shopping Cart, the buyer can confirm the cart which will create the order in buyer's procurement system. Once the order is confirmed, the buyer can confirm the cart by sending PO cXML via PunchOut.

Modifications to Existing Features

Ability to set bundle prices to Zero if any of the Bundle component is discontinued

Before Release

Previously when a bundle component was discontinued, its price was excluded while calculating the Bundle price.

After Release

A new flag called ‘Bundle Price to Zero’ has been introduced for bundle products. When this flag is checked, the bundle price will be set to zero if any of its components are discontinued.

To access this flag go to -->
BO>>Custom Catalog>>New Bundle>>Bundle Price to Zero

Introduced UPC field for Custom Catalog products

We have introduced UPC field for custom catalog products. The value populated in this field will be used in Google Catalog Export file.

This will be a non-mandatory numeric field which will accept 14 characters

Changes in Refine search filter in R-Store

New changes has been introduced to refine search filters on storefront to further refine the search results, following changes has been released to refine search:

  • System will refresh search results automatically as per chosen filter(s).
  • System will show only those spec heads and their respective values in refine search filter for which products are available.
  • System will accept price range from user and after clicking on newly introduced “Go” button it will show search result accordingly.
  • Introduced “Clear All” feature to reset chosen filters.

Introduced Header for Product Comparison and Product Description documents

A header on Product comparison and Production description sent through email has been introduced. It will contain the reseller logo and reseller address.

Introduced Sell Rule feature on rStore

Sell rule feature has now been introduced on rStore This will allow rStore user to define sell rules to suggest add-on or alternative products or services to their customers whenever they create a cart or search for a product on the storefront.

General Bug Fixes

Discount Amount was not calculated properly in Quote if user Adds / Deletes products from Shopping Cart and Discount is set from BackOffice

Before Release

In store, addition/removal or modification in QTY. of product(s) in quote did not recalculate/update discount amount entered in Quote in BackOffice.

After Release

The issue has been fixed, now if a quote is modified by end user and discount percentage is set from BO by reseller, then system will show correct discount amount as per current subtotal in quote.

Carts Confirmed through the Punchout, were not included in Confirmed Carts/Quotes report.

Before Release

Carts confirmed through the Punchout were not being displayed in “Confirmed Cart/Quotes” report in BackOffice.

After Release

The issue has been fixed. Now the Carts created and confirmed through PunchOut will appear in ‘Confirmed Cart/Quotes’ report in BackOffice.

Product List price/MSRP was not being displayed on Product Details page.

Before Release

System did not show product’s MSRP on product details page when cost and price was same.

After Release

The issue has been fixed. Now MSRP will be displayed on Product Listing and Product Details Page only when MSRP is greater than Customer’s Price.