VARStreet Release Note - Version 19

Published on Saturday, 15th September 2018


Now Customers can Log into the Store using their Username

Before Release

Previously a customer could log into the store using his email-id only.

After Release

Now user has the ability to define a username as well for his customer, which can be used for logging into the storefront apart from his email id.

A new field called ‘Username’ has been introduced in Contact Details Page in BackOffice. If a value is saved in this field, it will allow customers to log into the store using their Username.

To access this field go to-> BO>>Home>>Customer/Contacts>>Contact>>Contact Details Page

VARStreet Configuration Tool is now available for Responsive Store

Now user has the ability to allow his customers to customize and buy products on Responsive store. Pre-defined configurable SKUs can be created in VS custom catalog and can be displayed on responsive store. Customers can customize the product before adding it to their carts on Responsive store.

This feature will enable user to provide his customer with more options to customize their products before purchasing them. The configuration tool on responsive store is largely the same as the older version of store with a few enhancements to further improve the usability of the configuration tool in VS.

Introduced Ability to Skip Billing/Shipping and Payment Steps in a Shopping Cart during CheckOut on Responsive Store

A new option called ‘Skip Billing/Shipping and Payment steps from Shopping Cart’ has been introduced in BackOffice for Responsive store. When this flag is checked for a customer in their profile, only the ‘Items’ and ‘Confirmation’ tab will be visible in a shopping cart during checkout on Responsive Store. The Billing/Shipping and the Payment Details Tab will not be displayed on the shopping cart.

To access this flag go to-> BO>>Customer Master>>rStore Customer>>Company>>Skip Billing/Shipping & Payment steps from shopping cart

Changes in Store Approval Workflow on Responsive Store

Now a user has the ability to copy his cart being sent for approval to another user. VARStreet has introduced a copy (CC) email field in which the user can enter the email id to which he would like to send a copy of the cart.

A new flag called ‘Accept CC Email’ has been introduced in Approval Workflow. This flag will appear if ‘Approval on Confirmation’ flag is checked.

If ‘Accept CC Email’ flag is checked, then on click of “Send for Approval” button, a popup to accept CC Email will appear on screen. When the user enters an email id, the shopping cart (order details) will be sent to this entered email id as well.

System will now Prevent User from Deleting Cost Center which is being used in an Approval Workflow

Before Release

Previously, user could delete cost center that was associated with an approval workflow.

After Release

Now system will prevent user from deleting cost center which are being used in approval workflow. User can delete only those cost centers which are not being used in any approval workflow.

A contacts roles cannot be changed if the transactions assigned to the contact is in ‘Awaiting Approval’ stage


Before Release

Previously a contacts role / permission could be changed even if the transactions assigned to them were in the ‘Awaiting Approval’ stage.

After Release

Now system will not allow to change a contacts roles if the transactions assigned to them is in ‘Awaiting Approval’ stage.

Modifications to Existing Features

Discount Coupon are now Available for Contacts not associated with an account / company.

Before Release

Previously discount coupon was available only for contacts associated with an account or company. It was not available for contacts which are not associated with a company.

After Release

Now discount coupon can be defined and used by contacts which are not associated with a company as well.

Introduced Ability to Prevent Non-admin Users of Store from Deleting Company Favorites

Before Release

Previously non-admin users of Store could delete products from Company Favorites List.

After Release

Now only admin users of Store can delete products from Company Favorites List.

For Canada Users, Introduced GST and PST as Individual Tax Options for all the Provinces in Tax Tables

Before Release

Previously for Canada Users GST|PST was a combined option that indicates both GST and PST are applicable to that province.

After Release

Since some provinces in Canada collect only GST, we have introduced GST and PST as separate tax in Tax Tables. Hence now the user has the ability to define which tax should be applied for a specific province.

To access these options go to-> BO>>Admin>>Account Settings>>Tax Tables

Introduced Ability to Calculate eWaste Recycling Fee for products that will be shipped to California Customers

Now VARStreet is equipped to handle Electronic Waste (eWaste) Recycling fee imposed by the government of the state of California in the United States on certain electronic products that are shipped to California. The fees are used to pay for the future recycling of these products, as many contain hazardous materials.

A new flag called ‘Enable eWaste Recycling Fee’ has been introduced in Business Rules for USA users.

eWaste Recycling Fee will now be calculated on specific category of products that are being shipped to California.

System will display calculated ‘eWaste Recycling Fee’ on all transactions (Quote, SO, PO) in Product, Terms & Print Setup Tab.

On Store, ‘eWaste Recycling Fee’ will be displayed on Cart under Payment Details, Confirmation & Preview Page

To access this flag go to- BO>>Admin>>Account Settings>>Business Rules>>General Defaults>>Enable eWaste Recycling Fee.

Changes in User Interface of Product Details Page of Responsive Store

Before Release

Previously, ‘Suggested products’, ‘Similar Products’ and ‘Related products’ on Product Details Page of Responsive Store were placed below ‘Product Overview’.

After Release

Now ‘Suggested products’, ‘Similar Products’ and ‘Related products’ on Product Details Page of Responsive Store will appear before ‘Product Overview’. This will help a user on store to view ‘Suggested products’, ‘Similar Products’ and ‘Related products’ without scrolling the page.

General Bug Fixes

Description of bundle component was going blank on Store and BackOffice if the component gets discontinued

Before Release

Previously when a bundle component was discontinued, its description was going blank on Store and BackOffice.

After Release

The issue has been fixed. Now if a bundle component is discontinued then its description will be visible on Store and BackOffice. Being able to see the description of the product will help the user replace the discontinued component.