VARStreet Release Note - Version 19.2

Published on Saturday, 17th November 2018


Added new distributor ‘International Toner Corporation’ in VARStreet

‘International Toner Corporation’ has been added into VARStreet as a new distributor. Now you can start receiving catalog from International Toner Corporation into VARStreet catalog.

Introduced new Notification Template for Store Registration Approval in rStore

A new email notification template called ‘Registration Approved’ has been introduced under ‘Store Setup’, notifications section of responsive store. When the user approves the registration details of any customer from BackOffice through Store Messages, an email indicating Store registration details will be sent to the customer.

Transaction Details has been added to Spend Reports on Responsive store for Cart, Quote and Sales Order)

Spend Reports ‘By Transaction Details’ has been introduced in rStore. This section will provide the details of any transaction (Cart, Quote, SO). For instance, for Cart, transaction details such as Products purchased and Category/Sub-category, Manufacturer Part, Manufacturer as well as the price of the product will be visible to the end customer.

Modifications to Existing Features

Changes in Product Content

In BackOffice, following changes has been introduced on product content section:

  • A new option called ‘Set as Main Image’ has been added in ‘Actions’ Dropdown menu. This will allow the user to set any image as main image, which will be displayed on store.
  • If any Custom Catalog product is modified in product content then the changes will be automatically reflected in Custom catalog as well.
  • Introduced “Product Overview” field in product content as well.
  • ‘i' icon will be displayed beside products that have been added from VARStreet product catalog into Product Content.

Improved search and add function for adding products in Product Content

Before Release

Previously, only one product could be added at a time in Product Content listing page using single product search.

After Release

Now multiple products can be added at a time in product content listing page. Upon clicking on ‘Add Product Content’ or ‘New’ button in Product Content listing page, the user is redirected to Advanced Search (Product Content: Search in Catalog). Here the user can pick and add multiple products in product content listing page.

Introduced Ability to Add Custom Message at the Bottom of the Listing Page and Product Details Page

Before Release

Previously, only stock and content related disclaimers were displayed at the bottom of the listing page and product details page.

After Release

Now in addition to disclaimers, the user can add his own message at the bottom of listing page and product details page.

A new text box called ‘Product Disclaimer’ has been added in Store Setup: Display View. Any message entered in the text box will be displayed at the bottom of listing page and product details page.

General Bug Fixes

Order Acknowledment was not being sent to the customer when using PayPal Checkout

Before Release

Previously when the customer was placing an order, they were not receiving ‘Order acknowledgement’ notification if they use PayPal checkout as the payment method for the cart.

After Release

The issue has now been fixed. Now whenever the customer will place an order, they will receive ‘Order Acknowledgement’ notification even if they use PayPal Checkout payment method

Bundle Flags ‘Show Detail Items’ and ‘Show Items Prices’ was not applying to Carts on Responsive Store

Before Release

Previously, flags for components in a bundle definition ‘Show Detail Items’ and ‘Show Items Prices’ were not being applied to the bundle in a Cart on Responsive Store. For even after unchecking the flags, components as well as their prices were visible on Cart

After Release

The issue has now been fixed. Now bundle flags ‘Show Detail Items’ and ‘Show Items Prices’ at Bundle definition are being applied correctly for Cart on Responsive Store.

Unable to Upload Special Pricing Products File

Before Release

Previously users was uploading ‘Special Pricing Products’ file but the products were not visible on Special price listing page. This was happening because the ‘Effective To’ date was less than the current date in file.

After Release

Now while uploading ‘Special Pricing Products’ file, if the user enters ‘Effective To’ date which is less than the today’s date, the product will fail to upload and the user will get the error message in the error log about invalid ‘Effective To’ date.

Bundle Component prices were not displayed upto 2 Decimal Places on Responsive Store

Before Release

Bundle component prices were not displayed with two decimal places on Responsive store.

After Release

The issue has been resolved. Now bundle component prices will be displayed up to two decimal places on responsive store.