VARStreet Release Note - Version 21.1

Published on Saturday, 4th April 2020


Introduced Notes Field on Distributor Profile Page

  • A new field called 'Notes' has been introduced in distributors setup page for VARStreet and Custom/Local distributors.
  • To access this field go to BO >> Admin >> Account Profile >> Distributors >> Distributor Name >> Notes
  • The user can enter a maximum of 100 alphanumeric characters into the field.
  • Any information entered in Notes Field will not be visible on to the PO. It is more for internal comments regarding the supplier for orders that we place.

Introduced Ability to Add Ad-hoc Products into Custom Catalog

  • Now user has the ability to add ad-hoc products from a quote in to Custom catalog.
  • A new flag called 'Add Ad-hoc Products to Custom Catalog' has been introduced in Business Rules under General Defaults Tab.
  • Once the new flag has been checked, any Ad-hoc products which were added in a quote will also get added in to the Custom catalog.
  • To access this flag go to BO >> Admin >> Account Settings >> Business Rules >> General Defaults >> Add Ad-hoc Products in Custom Catalog
  • If this flag is unchecked, the ad-hoc product will remain in transaction.

Introduced Ability to Add PO Number at Bundle Component Level in Custom Catalog

  • Now user can add PO number at the bundle component level in Custom Catalog and further send that to the vendor through electronic ordering.
  • A new column called 'Reference No' has been introduced at component level in Custom Catalog. The column will allow users to add PO number for every component of the bundle.
  • Reference# field has also been introduced in Upload Wizard of Bundle Component File.
  • When a user adds bundle to cart / Quote / SO system will add reference number defined in definition to line item / component.
  • In BO, Reference number will be visible in Additional Notes
  • When user create PO against Sales Order, system will copy bundle component reference number to 'Shipment Comments' of PO under Terms Tab.
  • If PO is created for multiple components of SO, system will display comma separating reference number.

Modifications to Existing Features

Introduced 'i-icon' (Help Text) beside Customer PO Field & PO Date field in Cart on Responsive Store

  • 'i-icon' has been introduced beside Customer PO field & PO date under Payment Details Section in Cart on Responsive store.
  • Clicking on this icon will open up a help text that will explain what information needs to be added.

Introduced ability to send Order Acknowledgement Email in email body as HTML as well

  • Now order acknowledgement email can be send in email body in as HTML as well. A new flag called "HTML Body" has been introduced in Order Notification Template. Checking this flag will allow customers to view this email in HTML in Email body itself.

Introduced Ability to Add Microdata Tags to Responsive Store

  • Now Microdata tags can be added to responsive store.
  • Microdata tags help Google know how to categorize your catalog content, thereby improve the accuracy of search results.
  • Microdata tags provide key information about the products that you are selling on your store.
  • The following are the OpenGraph Microdata tags that can be added to Responsive store.


  • OpenGraph microdata tags on your product pages will help Google to better understand your website’s content.

Introduced Automation of PO Submission to Custom Distributors

  • Once a Cart / Quote has been confirmed, system will automatically convert it to Sales Order (SO) and SO will be further converted to PO.
  • PO will be generated for the distributors associated with respective products from Custom catalog or VS / Distribution catalog.
  • For a custom catalog product, user would need to link a custom distributor based on which PO will get generated for that distributor
  • PO created for Custom Distributors will be communicated via email. To setup the communication email id go to Admin >> Distributors >> Custom Distributor setup page.
  • For Standard distributors, if Electronic Ordering is enabled, then the PO will be placed electronically.
  • If electronic ordering is not enabled or it fails to place the order electronically, then purchase Order will be submitted via email.
  • For Standard and local distributors, an E-Mail field has been introduced in Distributor setup page. The field will accept multiple email-ids separated by semi-colon.

Introduced Email Template to send Email to Distributor

  • A new email template called "POAutoEmailTemplate" has been introduced on Email Templates Page to send email to distributors.
  • To access this email template go to BO >> Admin >> Account Settings >> Email Templates >> POAutoEmailTemplate

General Bug Fixes

User Unable to Add Shipping Method from Business Rules Page

Before Release

Whenever user was trying to add a new shipping method from Business Rules, it was not getting saved.

After Release

The issue has now been fixed. Now user will be able to add shipping method from Business Rules page.

Duplicate Address Record Created in Address Book while Uploading Contacts Address

Before Release

When user was uploading Contacts Address, duplicate address record was being created in Address Book.

After Release

  • The issue has now been fixed. Now, system will prevent duplicate address record from being created in Address Book
  • While uploading Contacts Address, if the address is present in Customer Address book then system will restrict this address to Upload and display error message.
  • In case the address is present in Contacts Address book then system will restrict this address to Upload and display "Record Exists!" error.
  • Now if an address already exists, then user will have the ability to pick while uploading new contacts in VS.

Sales Report showing incorrect gross amount

Before Release

While calculating gross amount, freight was not taken into account. Hence gross amount was being calculated incorrectly

After Release

This issue has been resolved. Freight will be taken into account while calculating gross amount. So now sales report will always show correct gross amount.