VARStreet Release Note - Version 21.2

Published on Saturday, 25th April 2020


Introduced Ability to Define and Add Document Prefix for Cart and Quotes

Before Release

Previously document prefix was available only for sales order (SO) and purchase order (PO).

After Release

  • Now user can also define prefix for cart and quotes
  • Two new fields called 'Cart Prefix' and 'Quote Prefix' have been introduced in Business Rules under General Tab.
  • To access these fields go to----> BO >> Admin >> Account Settings >> Business Rules >> General Defaults >> Document Prefix
  • Once the checkboxes are checked, user can define document prefix for cart and quote.
  • When a user create Cart/Quote from Backoffice or Storefront or Punchout, etc., system will generate document number along with prefix defined for that transaction in BO.

P.S ---> Two new flags called 'Allow Prefix for Quote' and 'Allow Prefix for Cart' has been introduced in Provisioning Account. These flags have to be checked in order to view 'Cart Prefix' and 'Quote Prefix' fields in Business Rules.

Introduced 'Number of Transactions' limit for Order Value Approval Rule on Responsive Store

  • A new field called 'Number of Transactions' has been introduced in order value approval rule on Responsive Store.
  • This field is a non-mandatory field but can be used to define the no. of transactions allowed under the approval rule.
  • To access this field go to ---> Responsive store >> My Account >> Approval Workflows >> Open Existing Approval Workflow >> New Rule >> Number of Transactions
  • 'Number of transactions' field is an open text box which will accept only numerical values. The number defined in 'Number of transactions' field can be either Day, Week or Month which the user can select from the drop down list.
  • If user defines value for "Number Of Transaction" then system will trigger workflow if number of transaction exceeds defined limit of transactions.

VARStreet is now Integrated with DocuSign Electronic Signature Solution

  • VARStreet is now integrated with DocuSign, a widely used eSignature and Digital Transaction Management platform in the world.
  • VARStreet users can now send quotes through DocuSign and get it electronically signed by their customers.
  • DocuSign will allow end customers to electronically sign and accept the quote on different devices including smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • In order to use this eSignature feature, user has to first setup their DocuSign account in VARStreet.
  • To setup DocuSign, user has to go to BO>>Admin>>Account Profile>>DocuSign
  • On the DocuSign Account Setup Page, user has to first enter all the details including Client ID, User ID and Private Key. Also, check the 'Activate' flag.
  • In order to create a new DocuSign user, click on 'Add User' button. A popup will appear, wherein you have to add and save details like Name of Sales Rep, DocuSign User ID and check on 'Activate' and 'Send Consent Link' flag.
  • After the sales rep receives the 'Consent' link, he has to click it in order to activate DocuSign Account
  • Once the DocuSign feature has been setup for the account, only then users can see Send Mail dropdown with option 'Send Mail using DocuSign' in Quotes under Send Tab.
  • Choosing this option will allow user to send quotes with DocuSign feature.

Modifications to Existing Features

Customer Response Popup on Responsive Store will display Full Product Title for Main Product

  • Now the text on customer response popup will more descriptive. Customer response popup on Responsive store will display full product title and description for main product.
  • Customer response popup will display 100 characters of description and title if the remaining characters will be display on click of more link.
  • When user clicks on 'More Details' link, system will display full description and title of product.
  • These changes are visible on Items tab and Product details page of Responsive store.

General Bug Fixes

Cart/Quote found to be Empty after logging in as Registered User

Before Release

Previously, a guest user was either creating a quote or adding products to the cart. However after creating an account and logging in as registered user, the quote/cart was found to be empty.

After Release

The issue has been fixed. Now when the guest user adds products to the cart/ creates a quote and then logins as registered user, then user will be redirected to cart/quote and will see the same products that had been added as guest user.

System not Populating Company Level Billing and Shipping Address at the Contact Level on Responsive Store

Before Release

When an admin user is adding a new contact on Responsive store from 'Administer User' section on store, system was not populating company level billing and shipping address at the contact level.

After Release

The issue has been fixed. Now, when an admin user adds a new contact on Responsive store from 'Administer User' section on store, system will populate company level billing and shipping address at the contact level.

User Receiving Abandoned Cart Notifications of very Old Carts

Before Release

Previously when user was setting up abandoned cart/quote notification for the first time and then updating it, user was still receiving notifications of old carts/quotes.

After Release

The issue has been fixed. Now cart/quote notifications that have been created after setup will only be triggered.