VARStreet Release Note - Version 21.3

Published on Saturday, 16th May 2020


VARStreet now has the ability to Calculate Taxes at Street Address

VARStreet now has the ability to calculate taxes at street address level. This is an add-on feature and can be activated on request from customers.

Once this feature is activated, VARStreet will also consider the street address to calculate taxes, instead of calculating taxes based on only Zip code.

Introduced Tax Exemption Flag & Tax % field at address level

  • Tax exemption flag & tax % field have been introduced at Billing / shipping address level. Tax % field will allow users to define tax percentage at Billing / shipping address level.
  • If the tax exemption flag is checked, tax will not be calculated at shipping / billing address for that customer. These flags are available irrespective of whether customer level address is on / off.
  • Address level tax % has higher priority than other tax settings. Tax exempt flag and Tax % field have also been introduced in Upload Wizard Contacts file.
  • If tax exemption flag is checked at address level then system will not calculate tax for that address in transaction and moreover tax % at address level will become 0.
  • If tax exemption flag is unchecked & tax percentage is entered at address level then system will use this percentage to calculate tax in transaction.

Modifications to Existing Features

Introduced Four Additional Synnex Accounts in VARStreet

VARStreet users can now setup upto 6 Synnex accounts in VARStreet, each one having their own separate distributor feed.

VARStreet can receive upto 6 Synnex distributor feeds. VARStreet already supported two Synnex accounts.

1. Synnex Corporation
2. Synnex2

The 4 additional Synnex accounts introduced in VARStreet are as follows:

3. Synnex3
4. Synnex4
5. Synnex5
6. Synnex6

Live P&A and electronic ordering functionality will be available for all the four Synnex accounts.

Setting up additional Synnex account can be done from Distributor setup page.

General Bug Fixes

Responsive Store User was able to view Contacts of another User

Before Release

Previously, when a responsive store user was logging into the store and opening 'My Accounts', he was able to view contacts of another user.

This issue occurred because the session was expiring as the user was staying idle for a long time on the store. Once the session got expired, system was loading all contacts irrespective of who the customer is.

After Release

The issue has been fixed. Now whenever the responsive store logs into the store and clicks on 'My Accounts', he can view his contacts only. After the session expires, user will have to again login to the store with the right credentials.

Taxable flag is checked in Quote/SO though Collect Tax on Address is off

Before Release

Tax flag at product level in Quote/SO is checked, though Collect Tax checkbox in Tax Tables is Off.

After Release

Now system will calculate tax as per hierarchy in VARStreet

If the State is non-taxable or customer / contact is exempted from tax then system will uncheck tax flag on all line items in Quote/SO.

If user manually checks tax flag in Quote/SO, even though State is non-taxable or customer / contact is tax exempted & clicks on continue checkout / recalculate button then system will prompt appropriate message so user know what appropriate action to be taken & system will not calculate tax for the item.

System will display “i" icon beside tax amount in Quote/SO.

When user clicks on “i" icon system will display appropriate message based on tax criteria.

If tax amount is zero or as applicable then system will display red “i" icon otherwise normal “i" icon will appear.