VARStreet Release Note - Version 21.5

Published on Saturday, 18th July 2020


Introduced Ability to Add Remarks on R-Store Registration Page

  • Now users can add remarks in R-Store registration page
  • A new field called Remarks has introduced in R-Store registration page. This will allow user to enter remarks up to 4000 characters.
  • Remarks field will be available on registration page for all registration methods (Register automatically, Registration after approval, Registration after email validation) and both types of registration i.e. Organization & Individual.
  • On clicking submit button, system will save remark in contact level remarks field. Remarks at contact level are editable.
  • In case of registration after approval, remarks will visible in store message details page.
  • When contact is created from store messages same remarks will be copied to contact level remarks field.
  • Remarks field will be non-editable under store messages.

Introduced Ability to Add User's Phone Number in Transaction (Cart/Quote/SO/PO/ Messages) Templates

  • Now user can add phone number in transaction (Cart/Quote/SO/PO/Store Messages) templates
  • A new variable called 'My Phone' has been introduced in edit template page as well as in Send Tab of Cart/Quote/SO/PO/Store Message
  • This variable will get replaced with logged in sales rep's phone number, when the users emails the transaction to the customers

Introduced Ability to View and Search Customer / Contact in ConnectWise (CW) from VS Quote (Only for customers with CW Integration)

  • Now user can view and search customer / contact in ConnectWise from General tab of VARStreet (VS) Quote.
  • This feature will allow user to directly create quotes for a customer / contact in ConnectWise.
  • A new link called "Click here to search Customers from ConnectWise" been introduced in General tab of VS Quote.This will allow user to look up for customer /contact in ConnectWise from General tab of VS Quote.
  • On clicking the link, a popup will appear that will show 'Company Name' and 'Contact Email' field along with search button.
  • If user does a search by customer name then all the contacts present under customer will get displayed to user.
  • In case, the user does a search with 'customer name and contact email' combination then system will pull and display contacts related to keyword entered by user in criteria fields.
  • The popup will also show a grid with columns 'IsCreated' and 'Missing Information’
  • If a CW Customer/Contact does not have some field data which is required in VS to create customer/contact then those fields will be displayed in “Missing Information.
  • System will display column value 'Y' in IsCreated" column when contact is already exist in VS. If contact does not exist in VS then system will display column value 'N'.
  • If CW Customer/Contact does not exist in VS then system will create the Customer and Contact in VS and same will get assigned to VS quote.
  • If CW customer exists in VS but contact is not present then system will create that contact under that existing customer and assign them to VS quote.

P.S --> This feature is available only for VARStreet users with ConnectWise integration

Modifications to Existing Features

Changes in Tax Rules

  • When a user is creating product-based tax rules, system will also display the Mfr. Name of the product in Criteria Column on Tax rule listing page.
  • In Tax Rules definition Screen, a dropdown for "Tax Code" field has been introduced while creating a new Tax Rule. This will help user to select existing Tax Code.
  • In the Tax Code dropdown, "Add New" option has been introduced, using which user can create new tax code.

System to Maintain History of Cart/Quote/SO that have been Closed/Reopened/Converted to SO/PO

Before Release

Previously, user had no idea about who was closing/reopening/converting the transaction documents (Cart/Quote/SO).

After Release

  • Now, system will maintain history of Cart/Quote/SO that have been Closed/Reopened/Converted to SO/PO.
  • Now user can identify who has changed the status of transaction (Cart/Quote/SO).
  • The 'History icon' on Quote/SO/PO/ listing page will display "Sales Rep Name" and "Date" and "Time" after the following actions have been executed:

1) Cart converted to SO
2) Quote converted to SO
3) Cart - Manually Closed
4) Quote - Manually Closed
5) SO -Manually Closed
6) Closed SO - Manually Reopened
7) SO converted to PO

Introduced Ability to Change Contact in an Opportunity

  • Now contact field in an opportunity will be editable.
  • On opportunity edit page, user can change contact name by selecting any other contact from contact drop-down.
  • This will give the user ability to change the contact in an opportunity after it has been saved.

General Bug Fixes

Subject Line in Send Tab Defaulting to Wrong Quote

Before Release

Previously when user was emailing the quote from 'Send Tab', the subject line was getting defaulted to the wrong quote.

After Release

  • The issue has been fixed. The subject will now populate as expected. Now default subject line will be populated in the subject field and the message will remain empty
  • A new option called 'Select' option has been introduced in 'Select a Template' dropdown. By default, this option will be selected in the dropdown.
  • If the user selects a new template and clicks on Go button then system will pull the subject line along with the message of selected template.