VARStreet Release Note - Version 21.9

Published on Saturday, 31st October 2020


Introduced Advanced Search Option for Customer/Contacts in Customer Master Page at BackOffice

  • Now customers can use advanced search option to search Customer/Contacts in Customer Master in BackOffice.
  • User can search Customer/Contacts using various parameters including Company Name, Contact Name, Phone Number, Account Number, Store Name, Store Catalog, Payment Method, Shipping Method, etc.

Introduced Ability to Group Company/Contacts Favorites in BackOffice and Store

  • Now user can group Company/Contacts favorites in BackOffice and storefront.
  • User can create labels and add products under the label to group the favorites in BO and storefront.
  • User can group products in Company / Contacts favorites based on category / sub-category, MFR
  • User will also have an option to Move the selected products to specific group or under new group

VARStreet now has Real-time XML Integration with Essendant Distributor

VARStreet now has real-time XML integration with Essendant distributor. This will allow VARStreet users to submit orders electronically to Essendant as well as view Essendant's product pricing and inventory in real time.

Modifications to Existing Features

Changes in Tech Data / Cisco Import Quote Functionality (Only for Cisco and TD Import Quotes Users)

  • Users can now import items in a quote from multiple sources like Tech Data, Cisco, Dell or using a flat file through import quote items.
  • System will stamp the Manufacturer Name for products from VARStreet's Catalog if product is available in VARStreet catalog.
  • System will show the respective Quote / Estimate No. (Techdata Quote# / Cisco Estimate#) under External Reference in quote info bar.
  • When product is imported from Tech Data or Cisco, system will show "Added from Tech Data" or "Added from Cisco" in the "Internal Notes" at Line Item level respectively.

Use Case --> Manufacturer names of products in TD quote were slightly different than in VARStreet catalog. To differentiate products that are directly imported from TD, now TD Quote Info Bar will always have TD reference and quote number. On the other hand, Manufacturer name will be stamped on VARStreet catalog products.

Implemented Global Site Tag (gtag.js) on Store for Conversion Tracking

Global site tag (gtag.js) has been implemented on store to keep track of conversions. This tag has been added to front page and Thank you page to track the conversion rate.

General Bug Fixes

Internal/External Attachments from Original Quote was not being carried forward to Versioned Quote

Before Release

Previously internal/external attachments from original quote were not being carry forward to versioned quote.

After Release

The issue has been fixed. Now internal/external attachments from original quote will be carried forward to versioned quote.

System not populating Default Payment/Shipment Method while Creating New Customer in BackOffice

Before Release

System was not populating default payment/shipment method from Store setup registration page while creating new customer in BackOffice

After Release

  • The issue has been fixed. Now system will populate default payment/shipment method from store setup registration page while creating a new customer in BackOffice.
  • Allowed payment/shipment method will also be populated from store setup registration page while creating a new customer in BackOffice.

System not Calculating Cart Price Correctly

Before Release

Previously product prices were not being updated according to price list changes. The system was not pulling the latest product prices while recalculating the value of shopping cart.

After Release

  • The issue has been fixed. Now product prices will be updated according to price list. System will pull the latest product prices while recalculating the value of shopping cart.
  • VARStreet has also introduced 'Minimum Margin' field in Discount rule and Discount Coupon Rule. The margin will accept either percentage or Fixed Dollar value in the Discount Rule and Discount Coupon definition screen. This will ensure that least 'min margin' is applied if the discount value falls below the cost.

Product added in Company Favorites not visible on Store

Before Release

Previously product added in Company favorites was not visible on storefront. This was happening because the product was not included into the store catalog assigned to that customer.

After Release

  • To resolve this issue a drop down filter called as 'Store Catalog' has been introduced in Advanced Search page of Company Favorites.
  • When the user goes to Customer/Contact's Favorites and clicks on 'New' button, he is redirected to Advanced Search Page. Here the user will see the dropdown filter 'Store Catalog' with options 'Default' and 'All'.
  • The 'default' option is the Customer/Contact's specific catalog while 'All' is the entire catalog
  • Customer/Contact's specific catalog is default selected. This will ensure that the user selects product from Customer/Contact's specific catalog. As a result, the product will be visible in Company Favorites.

System was not calculating the Tax Amount on click of Refresh button after importing Quote Items

Before Release

Previously, user was importing quote items and returning to Products Tab on Quote. However on clicking 'Refresh' button, the system was not calculating the Tax amount for the products that were imported in the quote.

After Release

The issue has been fixed. Now on clicking 'Refresh' button the system will calculate the Tax amount for the products that were imported in the quote.