VARStreet Release Note - Version 22.1

Published on Saturday, 19th December 2020


Introduced Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Login for VARStreet BackOffice Users (Feature Available on Request)

  • VARStreet has introduced two factor authentication (2FA) login for its BackOffice users.
  • 2FA is an extra layer of security that ensures that the right people gain access to your VARStreet BackOffice account. First, a user will enter their username and a password. Then, instead of immediately gaining access, they will be required to provide authentication code.
  • Even if your password is stolen or lost, the chances of someone else having your second-factor information is highly unlikely. Hence 2FA provides extra layer of protection from unauthorized users.
  • To activate 2FA, one has to check a flag called "Enable Two Factor Authentication" that has been introduced at user level in all user profiles
  • To access this page go to---> BO>>Admin>>Account Profile>>Users>>User name>>Enable Two Factor Authentication
  • This flag can be checked by an Admin or a user with the privilege to activate two factor authentication for users.
  • Once the flag has been checked, the two factor authentication will be activated for that particular user.
  • User has to first install the DUO app on their mobile device. Once it is installed the user has to create an account in DUO app and complete the registration.
  • User also has to setup their 2FA account in VARStreet to integrate it with DUO app.
  • A new setup page has been created in BO>>Admin>>Account Profile>>2FA Setup.
  • On the 2FA Account Setup Page, user has to enter all the details including Integration Key, Secret Key and API Hostname. This information will be obtained from DUO app.
  • On the BackOffice login page, once the user enters their correct username and password, he will be redirected to another screen. Here the user will be authenticated in the following two ways:
  • On clicking the above button, APPROVE and DENY link will be sent on DUO APP
  • OR
  • a. User can enter passcode which is present on DUO APP
  • b. User can send a text message with their registered mobile number.
  • By using any of above method user can login into back-office successfully

Introduced Ability to Import Quote from Ingram Micro Portal in VARStreet

  • Now users that are connected to Ingram Micro can directly import quote from Ingram Micro portal in VARStreet.
  • A new flag called "Import Quote" has been introduced in Ingram Micro distributor page.
  • User has to enter Client ID, Client Secret and Customer Number in Ingram Micro setup Page to complete the setup. Once these credentials are entered in the setup page, user can start using this functionality.
  • A new link called 'Import Ingram Micro Quote" has been introduced in "Upload Wizard: Import Line Items"
  • On clicking this link, user will have to enter "Ingram Micro Quote#" to import quote.
  • System will import product data from Ingram Micro as it is if the product is not available in the VARStreet catalog.
  • System stamps the Manufacturer Name for products from VARStreet's Catalog when same product is available in VARStreet catalog.
  • When product is imported from Ingram Micro, system shows “Added from Ingram Micro" in the "Notes" "Internal Remarks" at Line Item level respectively

Introduced Ability to Create Discount Coupon (Coupon Codes) for Guest Users

Before Release

Previously discount coupon (coupon codes) were not available for guest user.

After Release

  • Now discount coupons (coupon codes) are available for guest users.
  • A new flag called "Apply for guest user" has been introduced in 'Discount Coupon' definition page.
  • To access this flag go to BO>>Admin>>Rules>>Discount Coupon>>Coupon Code>>Apply for guest user
  • Once the user has created discount coupon and checked "apply for guest user" flag for discount coupon then system will display Discount Coupon field for guest user on R store/R19 store. (Discount coupon should be active or have valid date range)
  • Once the guest user displays enters 'coupon code' then the system will display discount coupon amount and discounted sub-total on cart page.
  • In BackOffice (BO), when user opens the guest cart and converts it into order then discount coupon will get carry

Introduced Quote Pricing Pop-up to Retain Current Quote Price when Customer/Contacts is Changed in Transactions

Before Release

Previously when users were changing Customer/Contact in General Tab, the user would miss to check the flag "Retain current quote prices when Customer/Contact is changed?". As a result, custom/current pricing associated with quotes was being updated.

After Release

  • Whenever a Customer / Contact is changed on a transaction, on click of ‘Continue’, system will prompt the user with a pop-up message which will have 2 options:
  • Option 1: "Retain current pricing"
  • Option 2: "Recalculate the price of the products as per Customer / Contact Price List"
  • By Default, the 2nd option will be selected,
  • On click of "OK" button, system will take the appropriate action

Modifications to Existing Features

Introduced Ability to select different Contact of same Company in Versioned Quote

Before Release

Previously user were not able to select a different contact under the same company / customer in versioned quote. User had to copy the quote and then select a different contact or customer.

After Release

Now user can select different contact under the same company in versioned quote. This will allow user to quickly send quotes to different contacts within the same company while retaining the quote number.

Implemented Right Click option on Customer / Contact listing page that allows User to open Customer / Contact record in new Tab

On Customer/Contact listing page, users can now right click any customer / contact record and open it in new tab. This will allow user to navigate to customer / contact edit page and make the necessary changes

Introduced Custom Fields in 'Export' File of Customer/Contacts

Custom fields have been added to 'Export' file of Customer/Contacts. This will allow user to include additional information in 'Export' file of Customer/Contacts

For Banner Widgets, introduced an option to upload images for Mobile version

Before Release

Previously banner images were not appropriately sized on mobile devices.

After Release

  • Now users can upload images into banner widgets in mobile-friendly format as well. While adding Images to Banner Widgets, a Mobile image upload option (Add mobile image button) has been introduced in New and Edit banner and image box widget.
  • A mobile image upload option has been introduced under image library of banner and image box images.
  • System will show uploaded mobile image in mobile view or else banner image will be displayed in mobile view

Now Customer/Contact name in Quote, Cart and SO InfoBar will be Clickable in BackOffice (BO)

  • In BackOffice (BO), customer/contact name in Quote, Cart and SO InfoBar will be clickable.
  • On clicking customer/contact name, the user will be redirected to customer details page in new pop-up window.
  • Similarly Contact email in Quote, Cart and SO InfoBar will be clickable. On clicking contact name, system will open Outlook similar to what is done on Contact Listing Page.

System will Freeze Pricing Worksheet Header Section in Quote/SO/Cart when Working on Pricing Worksheet

  • When user is working on pricing worksheet in Quote/SO/Cart, and if the user scrolls down, the system will freeze pricing worksheet header section on top.
  • This will allow user to select the products and apply pricing from pricing worksheet without the need to scroll to the top.

General Bug Fixes

On clicking the link that is received in Approval Workflow Notification Email, user was redirected to login page despite being logged into VARStreet BackOffice

Before Release

Previously when user was clicking the link received in approval workflow notification email, the user was redirected to login page despite being logged into VS BackOffice.

After Release

The issue has been fixed. Now if the user is logged into BackOffice and clicks on the link received in approval workflow notification email, he will be redirected to transaction page instead of login page.

Rejected Quote Appears in a Locked State

  • A quote that was rejected by the approver was being displayed in non-editable layout. This was happening because the comments added in remarks field while rejecting the quote was exceeding its character limit.
  • To resolve this issue, the character limit of Remarks field has now been increased from 255 characters to 4000 characters.